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Holocaust Remembrance Day

I am honored to recognize Bernard `Bernie’ Zelkowitz, a Temecula resident and a actual survivor of the Holocaust, at this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day in the State... — Updated 4/19/2018


Cyber security on college campuses

Electronic devices are common on college campuses across the United States, making getting assignments done and communication easier, but they also make students vulnerable. College students need to be more aware of the risks... — Updated 4/19/2018


California advocates for the developmentally disabled

The Assembly Select Committee on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities works to ensure the rights and dignity of all Californians with developmental disabilities through... — Updated 4/12/2018

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

Attending the San Diego Comic Fest session, April 20, would be a more appropriate solution to reducing gun violence than simply walking out of class

Last month’s 17-minute student walkout to protest gun violence will likely have minimal effect, as the changes the students desire would require support by too many elected officials from other states. A more effective solution... — Updated 4/12/2018


Safeguarding schools is top priority

School safety has to be the first priority. That’s why I introduced Assembly Bill 1983 requiring local school districts to collaborate with local law enforcement to create... — Updated 4/6/2018


Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, I wanted to say how pleased I was to see the article about Rare Disease Day, by Assemblymember Marie Waldron. It is vital to let the public know what that means. I have a rare disease, called AL amyloidosis. While... — Updated 3/31/2018


Breaking barriers to escape poverty

This week I joined Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Imperial County) to advocate for $25 million to fund our “Breaking Barriers” for career tech education initiative.  Last... — Updated 3/31/2018

 By Julie Reeder    Opinion

Celebrating 20 years with new website, easier subscriber access and more features than ever

I must hear once a week, “But aren’t newspapers dying?” Then there’s even the person who says it authoritatively to me, like they are delivering news to me that I need to hear (and have never heard before) “Well, you... — Updated 3/30/2018

 By Kim Harris    Opinion

Living in Southern California offers outdoors lovers a variety of outdoor options

One of the best things about living in Southern California is the quick availability to get pretty much anywhere you would like to go. I love that I live in a town where I can be on the beach in an hour or if I drive the other... — Updated 3/24/2018

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

Myth underscores need to emphasize local news

What many of us have taken for granted due to the words of a well-known song is likely a myth, but it shows the importance of a local newspaper emphasizing local news rather than out-of-town news. The song “American Pie” was... — Updated 3/23/2018


California's Craft Brewery Economy

When people think about major San Diego economic drivers, they look to the military, tourism, biotech and in North County, probably agriculture, including wineries. But they... — Updated 3/22/2018


Let Teachers Protect their Students

In the thousands of public schools, there have been 11 mass shootings since 2000: three at elementary schools, three in high schools and five at colleges. These incidents follow with year and number of deaths. In 2005, seven died... — Updated 3/16/2018


The principles of present-day national government are lacking

Dear Editor, I'm here today to tell you the information of the government has created a window of issues. I am just an average student; however, when I go to school, I feel a separation with my fellow peers. It’s not a... — Updated 3/15/2018


Bi-partisanship grows in Sacramento

Representing everyone in my district and creating solutions that work for all requires working together with my colleagues of both parties in the Legislature. This session I joined... — Updated 3/14/2018


I like government ‘shutdowns’

We’ve had 19 government “shutdowns” since 1977, according to the Congressional Research Service. Some said the weekend “shutdown” which just passed may not be the only one this winter because nothing was resolved in the... — Updated 2/12/2018


The rich pay almost all federal income taxes

How many times have I heard said, “The rich need to pay their fair share?” But they already pay almost all of the federal income taxes while the “poor” receive government checks. A quick check with the Congressional Budget... — Updated 1/27/2018


Protect Proposition 13

As your Assemblymember, I work hard in Sacramento to fight taxes, fees and overreaching regulations. During my 14 years on the Escondido City Council, I never supported a tax increase, and I continue to support hardworking... — Updated 1/19/2018


The Constitution deals with sexual abuse in Congress

According to the media members of Congress of both major political parties are dropping like flies to a fly-swatter in a barn: Sen. Al Franken, Congressmen John Conyers, Ruben Kihuen, Blake Farenthold, Joe Barton, Trent Franks,... — Updated 1/15/2018


No drugged driving allowed

California’s new law legalizing the use of recreational marijuana went into effect Jan. 1. Hopefully, the negative impacts on highway safety experienced in some other states with similar laws will not be repeated here. Using... — Updated 1/12/2018


Trump supports the Constitution by reducing national monuments

“Some people think that the natural resources of Utah should be controlled by a small handful of very distant bureaucrats located in Washington,” President Donald Trump said, speaking at Utah’s State Capitol, Dec. 3. “And... — Updated 1/2/2018 Full story


High diesel taxes hurt everyone

When the new 12 cent per gallon gas tax increase went into effect Nov. 1, hardworking Californians took an immediate hit. The tax on diesel fuel also increased by 20 cents a gallon, but we have seen that increase spike to 30 cents... — Updated 12/25/2017


Dogs on the loose cause major problems for others

I have this dog. She’s an American Kennel Club long-coat Akita. Well, you know the Akita’s reputation: mean, aggressive, dominant dogs. They were the original “pit”... — Updated 12/23/2017


Metering on-ramps could provide solution to Temecula traffic issues

link Dear Editor, Here is a thought: how about metering the on-ramps like every other city? I have called Cal Trans about this last year as I sat needlessly in traffic. I was told they are waiting for the large developers to pay... — Updated 12/23/2017


Climate change theories affect political party science

Have you ever wondered why respected scientists of both major political parties see climate change so differently, one party viewing the future with great fear and trepidation while the other calmly views it as normal and natural?... — Updated 12/17/2017


Roy Moore, the judge that followed the Constitution

linkI too am troubled by hearing that 32-year-old man attempted to seduce a 14-year-old-girl 38 years ago and that this man became a U.S. senator, as concerned as I am with allegations of “me too” from women alleging something... — Updated 12/10/2017


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