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Border officer convicted of aiding smugglers

Saturday, December 21st, 2013
Issue 51, Volume 17.

SAN DIEGO - A federal jury in San Diego today convicted a veteran U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer of allowing tons of marijuana and loads of undocumented immigrants to be smuggled through his inspection lanes for years.

The panel deliberated for five days before finding Lorne Leslie "Hammer" Jones, 50, guilty of conspiracy to engage in bribery, and drug and alien smuggling.

According to testimony during a two-week trial before U.S. District Judge Marilyn Huff, Jones was on the take for a decade, beginning in 2000, first waving cars and vans full of migrants and drugs through his lane at San Ysidro Port of Entry, and eventually graduating to tractor-trailers jammed with marijuana.

Jones, an inspector since 1994, worked at both the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa border crossings and had been a canine officer since the 1990s.

The Chula Vista resident was indicted by a federal grand jury and arrested at work in 2010, charged with conspiracy to commit bribery and smuggle drugs and immigrants, as well as bribery and attempted marijuana importation, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Diego. Jones was acquitted of bribery.

A dozen witnesses testified that Jones was corrupt, including Michael Taylor, a former colleague and friend of Jones' who also was on the take; Jones' former wife, who recruited him to be a smuggler; and a friend and financial adviser who testified that the two had discussed ways to hide ill- gotten gains.

Prosecutors also presented evidence from a database that tracks information about people crossing the border -- such as license-plate numbers and names of those inspected.

During trial, prosecutors said the data proved that Jones was allowing known load vehicles Advertisement
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and drivers for drug-trafficking organizations to pass though his lanes for years without being inspected.

According to testimony, Jones volunteered to work overtime shifts as a primary inspector so he could wave through vans jammed with aliens and drugs, and trucks full of marijuana.

Jones had a beeper code system to tell smugglers which one of the 24 inspection lanes Jones was working when they approached the border crossing, prosecutors alleged. However, the system failed in 2002 when Jones was randomly and unexpectedly reassigned to another position, and a load driver was forced to abandon his van full of drugs in the inspection line.

A few months later, a van stuffed to the ceiling with four tons of marijuana was detected by a roving officer and his dog. The van was in Jones' lane, just car lengths from Jones' booth as he furiously waved other drivers through the lane. The driver and passenger ran from the van, and all the inspectors hurried to help, except Jones.

"Where was Hammer?" prosecutor Mark Conover asked during his closing argument. "Sitting in his booth, paralyzed with fear. His load was caught."

That narcotics seizure remains the largest at San Ysidro.

One of the government's key witnesses was Taylor, the former inspector and friend of Jones' who had been indicted in 2004, convicted of corruption- related charges and had served 48 months in prison. Taylor testified that he and Jones were smuggling aliens and drugs in the early 2000s.

According to trial testimony, security was tightened at the ports of entry around 2007, making it more difficult for Jones to single-handedly allow loads of drugs and people through.

Jones' sentencing was set for March 24.



Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #1 | Saturday, Dec 21, 2013 at 11:10 am
Deport him.
Comment Profile Image???
Comment #2 | Saturday, Dec 21, 2013 at 3:27 pm
I hope you join him Ray!!
Comment Profile ImageZZZ
Comment #3 | Sunday, Dec 22, 2013 at 10:11 am
Greed defines so many people.
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #4 | Sunday, Dec 22, 2013 at 12:28 pm
Sorry ???: I don`t do cesspool
Comment Profile ImageReality Checker
Comment #5 | Sunday, Dec 22, 2013 at 8:51 pm
I wonder what the Mexican government would do to a Mexican immigration officer if they got caught smuggling Nicaraguans into Mexico. Hmm. I'm all for having and enforcing to the "T" Mexican immigration laws here, but the bleeding heart democrat progs need them to vote. That's the only reason they're here at all in any numbers. The whole line about it being inhumane is a big fat lie. That officer was probably looking at a promotion for their efforts in helping new voters get over here. Just sayn how it is.
Comment Profile ImagePsssssst
Comment #6 | Sunday, Dec 22, 2013 at 10:26 pm
Can you say, I'm not surprised? Well, I'm not.
Comment Profile ImageWizard of Fallbrook
Comment #7 | Monday, Dec 23, 2013 at 4:55 am
You know your state has a problem when you have to have a border patrol check pt. on both fwys.........ever heard the loud live music around here echoing through night.....stupid....
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #8 | Monday, Dec 23, 2013 at 1:48 pm
The United States has always been a safety valve for Mexico. Since Mexico can`t sustain it`s poverty, about 85% of all Mexicans live in poverty, under educated and have no future, they sneak across the border, and we let them.

It`s been an issue of exporting-importing Mexico`s poverty at our expense. Our immigration system is NOT broken, works fine. It was designed to let people in, let them assimilate into American society than the next group, etc.

Many feel that they can just cross over illegally, break the law and expect us to just accept it, many don`t and that is why immigration reform (shamnesty) will never pass.

Now for some in Washington (democrats) they see the twenty million as potential votes where they can remain in power for decades, like the PRI party did in Mexico causing decades of poverty and oppression.

Now most here think I do not support immigration reform, I do under certain conditions. I also realizethat you can`t deport all of them, can`t jail them either but under certain conditions, I would support some sort of immigration reform or (shamnesty).

As democrats say (pay a fine), I agree, $10.000 for each adult, $5.000 for each child, paid immediately otherwise return until the money is paid. This is the same fine for a violation of federal law.

Assimilation: As it has been for over 100 years, within two years, MUST be fluent in english otherwise the individuals would be violated and deported.

If the individual came over illegally, the person or persons would be barred from any government assistance for a five year period.

The individuals would reimburse the government for ALL back taxes and the individuals would also reimburse the individuals who`s identity they took.

ANY crime would be an immediate disqualification or consideration for (shamnesty).

I would agree "if" our chicken scratch polticians, on both sides of the isle would think of America first. Our immigration is well designed, it allows for assimilation, health, employment opportunities, housing for new immigrants, it can`t handle a flood and causes serious problems to everyone especially immigrants who followed the law and became Americans the proper way.

It ain`t broke, don`t fix it, enforce it.

Under these conditions, I would hang out the welcome sign.
Comment Continued : The comment above was written from the same location.
Post Continued
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #9 | Monday, Dec 23, 2013 at 4:25 pm
(above) This goes for the "dreamers" too.

None of this should even be discussed until the 14th Amendment is clarified as intended, to make negro slaves citizens and free, not for digging, swimming, climbing, stuffed in trunks and being built into furniture.

The 14th Amendment was proposed on June 13, 1866 and ratified on July 9, 1868, certified on July 28, 1868.

In my opinion and interpertation...... all these folks are NOT citizens....... period.

Pay up.
Comment Profile ImagePssst...
Comment #10 | Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013 at 7:54 am

I agree with some that you put into words on this board. I do agree that if people from other country's choose to live here because this is the land of the free, then you also need to speak the language as well. You want to be here, speak our language, it is disrespectful for you not to respect our language in the country you want to be in so badly. It is irritating that we as Americans are spending more money on translators because people are so lazy to try to learn the language. That money spent on translators could be spent on feeding the homeless, or helping to care for our elderly (people who have worked to build our country), taking care of OUR children. Instead we waste OUR money for something that should never be allowed. We have enough poverty and problems without taking on other country's especially those who choose to disrespect this country by not speaking our language. Irritating at best. The laws need to be changed, and people need to be taught to respect or to GET OUT!!! Now, I've said it and many I know want to, so it's out there.
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #11 | Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013 at 1:08 pm
The way to stop illegal immigration in this country is a simple process, make it "too hot" for illegal aliens to remain or want to come here.

1. Deny all usage of the Matricula Consular card. Make it a crime for banks to accept them as valid identification.

2. Deny any and all federal, state social programs to illegals.

3. Require proof of residency for admittance to schools.

4. No drivers licenses for illegals period (nationwide).

5. 50% surcharge for remittances leaving the country to "known" for illegal immigration.

6. Penalize any state, county municipalites who fails to follow current immigration laws.

Funny thing, this is what our current laws are suppose to do, if enforced. Just inforce the law and watch the numbers dwindle.
Comment Continued : The comment above was written from the same location.
Post Continued
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #12 | Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013 at 1:22 pm
Reality Checker: To answer your question' Mexico is VERY tough on it`s illegal alien problem. compared to our "coddling" illegals, Mexico treats their invaders like the "Schutzstaffel" (SS) where beatings robberies, rapes are common and in some cases murder but the the world say anything in protest to their policies? no, they critique the humaine efforts we make to treat these lawbreakers qwith respect.

If our government would just shut it`s mouths and just give us the numbers and costs, most Americans would agree that immigration reform is a waste of time and should never be approved. Most would approve of even stricter enforcement and sanctions.
Comment Profile ImageDion
Comment #13 | Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013 at 5:14 pm
Ray do you have a life? Stop trolling this page! Seems like your a Fallbrook redneck that is very egocentric towards Republican views.
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #14 | Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013 at 11:47 pm
Well it`s Christmas and during the course of the day, you and your children will be sitting in front of your televisions watching "A Christmas Story"' a great movie directed and produced by a man named "Bob Clark".

Now I consider this movie part of the American culture, Americanaand should be inducted into the Smithsonian`s list of all time American movies, I think all of you would agree and if your older can relate to the plot and storyline.

On April 4, 2008, Bob Clark was killed in Los Angeles on the #101 freeway by Pacific Palasades by a drunk "illegal alien". No reason for it really, just another that slipped through the cracks for political correctness.

This man could have directed some really great movies, needed today considering the garbage bneing turned out of Hollywood but because of one drunken illegal, his career was silenced.

On this holiday season, think about all the innicent Americans who died by the criminal negligence of illegal aliens, how many people not having a festive time with their families because their identity was stolen and their credit rating was ruined.

So think about all the Americans who are suffering because we can`t even enforce our laws nd thousands daily break the law and flood into this countr, thumb their noses at us while American suiffer and die.

Think about this when you drive past the numerous day labor hangouts scattered all over Fallbrook (the friendly barrio) and remember what happened to Bob Clark, John andJane Doe and the thousands who pay for illegal immigration and the crimes caused by these "law breakers".

Watching your movie right now,
Bob, Rest in Peace

Merry Christmas.
Comment Continued : The comment above was written from the same location.
Post Continued
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #15 | Thursday, Dec 26, 2013 at 10:45 am
Dion: Sorry if I offend you. Do you hire illegal aliens to do your menial tasks. Truth usually hurts the ones it effects most.
Comment Profile ImageRedneck Bill
Comment #16 | Thursday, Dec 26, 2013 at 8:30 pm

For the Lord's sake, please tell me this isn't chapter 1 of your new novel.

You write like a 3rd grader. You should focus your energy on being a redneck, not an author.

God Bless you, man.
Comment Profile ImageFallbrook Transplant
Comment #17 | Friday, Dec 27, 2013 at 9:52 am
Yeah for you Ray, I totally agree with your #14 comment.
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #18 | Friday, Dec 27, 2013 at 6:12 pm

At least I got past the third grade, get my meaning......

Bless you too.
Comment Profile ImageCarla
Comment #19 | Saturday, Dec 28, 2013 at 10:20 am
Just checked the CDC website of the top causes of death in the US and death by undocumented migrant doesn't appear anywhere on the list. Just another pathetic rant by a pathetic racist.
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #20 | Saturday, Dec 28, 2013 at 2:01 pm
Carla: Thus "undocumented" as of no record of?

If you have been on the CDC web site, so you say? Search increases in diseases once eliminated returning than cross reference in the illegal alien numbers, than go back to the CDC and search cities with most immigrant populations where these diseases reappeared, medically thinking you can safely assume that some people who bypass our medical checks and balances carry more diseases and if they are from a third world country such as Mexico, evidence would suggest.

But...... the CDC does not list racial makeups of illegals so the facts Carla suggests her assumptions are skewed.

North America, the UK and most of Western Europe have reported increases in elimated diseases with their immigration problems, true.

All depends on who you listen to, facts or Carla`s race baiting to prove no point.
Comment Continued : The comment above was written from the same location.
Post Continued
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #21 | Saturday, Dec 28, 2013 at 4:21 pm
Being Carla is about to receive a degree from South Central University, a ahame history is not taught.

Remember the 1600`s when Europeans began to settle on the east coast of what is now, North America.

Tribes of native indians died off from infections immune to Europeans nut do to the lack of any basic medicines, thousands died and infected other local tribe throughout the trade routes.

1917 Americans begin to move into France carrying a new virus from the United States, the deadly flu virus. Killed more soldiers than Germans did and countless thousands here.

From what I studied in the past, 1/4 of the worldwide population got nailed by that one. Many other examples of deadly diseases passed on and that is why countries require sertain immunizations before entry.

Bypassing these checks and balances can cause your stay to be very unpleasant on your trip or carry something to someone unprotected and ruin his or her day.

Because we leave to a third world nation state where poverty, medicine and basic public services like clean water and ceptic services lack will generally carry more diseases than someone with any kind of medical care.

UntilvI moved to California in 1984, I never had to get a TB test for anything. I said TB test who? but in California unlike Illinois is not close to a third world border, well depending if you live by the housing projects, another story.

Now tests like TB, Polio and a host of other tests and vaccines are standard nationwide, all because of the movement of immigrants the majority illegal.

Carla, you can be a good liberal and race bait, class warfare and call people names but one thing you can`t distute is truth, no liberal can. Why do you think illegal aliens are included in the ACA Act.

This is one of many reasons thy nations have immigration laws and restrictions, to protect the masses and nobody whould be rewarded for cheating and possibly becoming a biohazard that could kill people all for a cheaper head of lettuice.

Sorry I was so long DR.
Comment Continued : The comment above was written from the same location.
Post Continued
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #22 | Saturday, Dec 28, 2013 at 4:29 pm
Sorry for my typos, android keyboard.
Comment Profile ImageBonsallGayGuy
Comment #23 | Sunday, Dec 29, 2013 at 9:17 am
I wonder how many new Democratic voters are created every time Ray offers up another one of his ham fisted and inarticulate opinions about a particular subject? Whatever the number, it must be staggering.
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #24 | Monday, Dec 30, 2013 at 10:34 am
Actually none BGG, democrats are not smart enough to understand reality and facts, they live in self imposed fantasy. By the way Isupport Duck Dynasty.
Comment Profile ImageCarla
Comment #25 | Monday, Dec 30, 2013 at 6:48 pm
@20 No, undocumented as in without documents. Or in your sick racist dream state where some fascist in a uniform with a swastika on this arm demands that people of color produce papers to avoid deportation.

@21 As for your made up belief that "illegal aliens are included in the ACA Act." I have a newsflash for you Mr. all so truthful conservative: THE ACA DOES NOT COVER UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS! I wish it did. But it doesn't.

Oh one last thing. FYI-I attend UCLA. It's located on the west side of LA. You may want to consult a map to better orient yourself.......but I'm sure maps, books, science and general literacy by the appearance of your typical writing sample, are all concepts lost on you.
Comment Profile ImageRedneck Bill
Comment #26 | Monday, Dec 30, 2013 at 11:09 pm

Like the people who believed the world was flat, Ray knows what he knows.

I used to work with some very interesting folk. One of the sayings I remember most was, "My mind is made up. Don't confuse me with the facts." That's my buddy Ray in a nutshell.
Comment Profile ImageRay (the real one)
Comment #27 | Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013 at 12:08 am

Guess you didn`t read the bill or listen to Obozo,speak, too bad, it does.

The college joke was in fact an insult, guess you missed it.

For you Carla, I will refer to illegal (criminal) aliens as With Out Papers (WOP) not tied to any ethnic group.

Learn on.

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