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How to say 'no' to a child's holiday demands

The holidays can make many people feel like “children” again. It’s mostly a happy time, but it is also a season with heavy doses of marketing pressure. Usually adults are able to control the impulses brought on by all those... — Updated 12/7/2018


Face it – Holidays are rarely perfect

Seasonal TV shows, sparkling gifts in stores, magazines full of beautiful holiday scenes. People are often shown the holiday season as an amazing and joyful time, but maybe personal holidays aren’t quite so perfect. And it can... — Updated 11/29/2018


Parents can help teenagers deal with peer pressure

Parents like to think they’re the most important influence in their children’s lives, and that’s probably true up to a certain age but then the outside world, in the form of school and friends, intrudes. By the time a child... — Updated 11/9/2018


Is it time for that career change?

Current news reports seem to show that in many areas of the country the economy is performing strongly. Housing prices are up, corporate profits are increasing and unemployment rates in most places are at historic lows. An... — Updated 9/21/2018


Do your children really know how you feel about them?

Parents normally have many feelings and emotional reactions related to their children. Of course, they love them, are happy for them and sometimes are driven crazy by them, but one of the things that research has shown is that... — Updated 8/30/2018


Good mental health is no different from good physical health

Seeing a physician isn’t embarrassing if someone has the flu, a high fever or other serious health problem. No one will criticize someone for seeking medical help for a physical health problem and, indeed, most people would... — Updated 8/22/2018


Good mental health is no different from good physical health

Seeing a physician isn’t embarrassing if someone has the flu, a high fever or other serious health problems. No one criticizes people for seeking medical help for a physical health problem, and indeed, most people would find... — Updated 8/10/2018


Learning how to handle stress in your life

Stress is a given in our lives. Whether it’s the news out of Washington, work problems or just the daily issues of life in today's world, there are plenty of things to stress us out. The stress of certain big events, such as... — Updated 8/2/2018


Are college campus tours part of your summer vacation?

Do your summer plans include one or more visits to campuses of schools being considered by a teen in the family? Such tours can be very positive and helpful experiences, if done right. The best approach is to do some planning... — Updated 7/18/2018


Helping children with the death of a pet

A child's first experience with death is often the loss of a pet. This can be a traumatic experience, but it's also a time to learn to cope with the grief and pain that comes with losing someone who brought them love and... — Updated 7/18/2018


Develop a realistic approach to life

Everyone, in their younger days, had dreams and hopes about the things that would bring success and happiness to their lives. But for many people the dreams and goals that they once had just never came to be. It doesn’t mean... — Updated 7/12/2018


Is your summer vacation really a vacation?

A vacation is a chance to get away from the normal routine of work and demands of daily life. When done right, a vacation should be a period of relaxation, enjoyment and recharging. Research has shown that a vacation with close... — Updated 7/5/2018


Now, what was it I wanted to remember to tell you?

As they grow older, most people forget things more often than they once did. Although memory loss is a natural part of the aging process, experts have said it usually isn’t problematic for most people until after age 70. It... — Updated 6/27/2018


What are some parenting goals?

Being a parent is certainly an experience in extremes. There are times when it can be so fulfilling and rewarding for what has been accomplished as a parent, yet plenty of other times when the best a parent can feel is stressed... — Updated 6/8/2018


Yes, sometimes it's good to say, 'No'

Most people, most of the time, want to be nice, to do what is asked and to please those asking for help. They usually try to be accommodating at work, with friends and with family members. But sometimes, rather than replying,... — Updated 4/15/2018


Losing the 'joy' in life?

According to the dictionary, “joy” is the emotion brought on by well-being, success or good fortune. When people are feeling joy, they’re happy and finding good things in their lives. While measuring joy might seem hard to... — Updated 3/24/2018


It doesn't always have to be a teen versus parent fight

Parents and teenagers are always going to disagree about some things. It’s simply the nature of the beast. You, as the parent, are the half of the relationship who has experience, who knows the limits, who wants to protect your c... — Updated 3/15/2018


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