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'The Upside'

"The Upside" pulled off quite the upset at the box office this past weekend. Many pundits predicted that "Aquaman" would be No. 1 again by a significant margin, and the interesting... — Updated 1/18/2019


Movie Review: 'Mary Poppins Returns'

It has been 54 years since Julie Andrews first graced movie screens as nanny extraordinaire Mary Poppins. The stern-but-kind governess used a combination of magic and mental... — Updated 1/10/2019


Movie review: 'Aquaman'

Arthur "Aquaman" Curry, played by Jason Momoa, is one of the few superheroes who is seemingly more formidable as his alter ego than in his superhero form. Everything about the guy... — Updated 1/4/2019


Advance Review – "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse"

This past Thursday, I was all set to type up a B- review of the fourth weekend of "Instant Family," which was a little gaggy at times, but otherwise fine, when I stumbled across... — Updated 12/14/2018


Movie Review: 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

As far as biopic subjects go, Freddie Mercury has got to be one of the all-time hardest. The Queen frontman was a once-in-a-lifetime talent, complete with a powerful voice – thank... — Updated 11/9/2018


Movie Review: 'Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween' and 'Hunter Killer'

It was not a good weekend for movies I haven't yet reviewed. The top three spots at the box office were taken by healthy holdovers "Halloween," "A Star is Born" and "Venom." In... — Updated 11/2/2018


Movie Review: "Halloween"

The soulless white mask of Michael Myers might be the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life. It was in 1997 that I read an article on slasher movies accompanied by a picture of... — Updated 10/26/2018


Movie Review: 'A Star is Born' again

How is this movie losing to "Venom" at the box office? It barely made half the money of the subpar superhero movie last weekend, and early estimates for its second weekend have it... — Updated 10/19/2018


Movie Review: "Venom"

"Venom" is based on a character from Marvel comics and is best known as an enemy of Spider-Man, but his standalone film is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's akin to... — Updated 10/12/2018


Movie Review: 'The House with a Clock in its Walls'

Children need a movie right now as the movie theater as has been dominated by adult fare, or at least PG-13 movies that target teens for the past month or so. "Disney's Christopher... — Updated 9/27/2018


Movie Review: "The Predator"

I never really got into the original "Predator" from 1987. I rented it to see future governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura together, and essentially tuned out once... — Updated 9/20/2018


Movie review: "The Nun"

My last two roommates have complained about me having an annoying habit of walking around the apartment in my socks, not making a sound, and scaring the… let’s say “daylights” out of them when I enter a shared room like... — Updated 9/14/2018


"Operation Finale"

Labor Day weekend is notoriously bad for the box office. It's not just bad in relation to other holiday weekends but bad in relation to other weekends, period. Here were the top... — Updated 9/7/2018


Movie review: "Crazy Rich Asians"

For about a year now, I've been hearing about the impending release of "Crazy Rich Asians." I tried to get into an advance screening last week, but it was sold out on two screens.... — Updated 8/22/2018


Movie Review: "Christopher Robin"

Sometimes it's best just to stay in a comfort zone. Believe me, I know all the counterarguments: "Playing it safe is boring," "You'll never get anywhere if you don't push yourself"... — Updated 8/10/2018


"Mission: Impossible – Fallout"

Like any proper franchise, "Mission: Impossible" has to up the ante with each new installment. This concept means different things to different people. Maybe it means that Ethan... — Updated 8/2/2018


Two new releases topped the box office this past weekend with approximately $35 million. I've decided to review both.

"Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" I'm not terribly familiar with the ABBA songbook. I know about "Dancing Queen" and of course the title song, but otherwise I just think of ABBA as... — Updated 7/27/2018


"Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation"

I did not care for the first two "Hotel Transylvania" movies. Basically I felt that Adam Sandler's style of humor had run its course, and even doing something as unique as applying... — Updated 7/18/2018


Movie Review: 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' occasionally fun, but ultimately flimsy

Audiences last saw Scott "Ant-Man" Lang, played by Paul Rudd, in 2016's "Captain America: Civil War" where he fought on Cap's side, lost and went to prison. It was briefly... — Updated 7/13/2018


"Incredibles 2"

Although Pixar has never made anything I'd call a "bad" movie, they've had mixed results with their sequels. The second and third "Toy Story" movies are just as beloved as the... — Updated 7/12/2018


"Sicario: Day of the Soldado"

I never saw 2015's "Sicario" in theaters, I only knew it by its reputation as a movie that was unfairly overlooked at the Oscars that year. I watched the film in preparation for its... — Updated 7/11/2018


"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom"

Back in 2015, "Jurassic World" briefly set the box office record for biggest opening weekend of all time with $208 million before climbing to #3 on the overall domestic chart. It... — Updated 7/1/2018


"Ocean's 8"

I think it was a mistake to call this movie "Ocean's 8." The modern-era "Ocean's" series began in 2001 with "Ocean's Eleven," "Ocean's Twelve" in 2004, and "Ocean's Thirteen" in... — Updated 6/20/2018


"Deadpool 2"

It has been two years since "Deadpool" turned the superhero movie genre on its head with its excessively crude fourth-wall-breaking humor. There had been R-rated comic book movies... — Updated 5/27/2018


"Life of the Party"

For those who thought I spent too much time last week whining about "Overboard" not being funny, just a heads up that "Life of the Party" this week is going to be more of the same.... — Updated 5/18/2018


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