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April rose care FUNdamentals

What a year it’s been so far. In most areas, gardeners had to work in a pruning schedule between rain storms. Even with late pruning, many gardeners are having or are about to have their first flush of blooms. Climate change is... — Updated 4/13/2019


Rose Care FUNdamentals for March 2019

Location, location, location. Depending on location – or more specifically, that of the garden – gardeners may have experienced frost damage to their roses and tender young plants recently. The past week and the forecast for... — Updated 3/8/2019


Rose Care FUNdamentals for February 2019

Nature lies fallow in winter in preparation for the new year. All life needs rest in order to grow with greater strength. Winter is the time of withdrawal that precedes renewal. But now it’s time to take a few simple steps to... — Updated 2/15/2019


Rose Care FUNdamentals for January 2019

There is no specific timeline for winter rose care, but there are general guidelines. For the area, spring pruning should be completed around mid-February. I will provide details on that major pruning in my February column. I will... — Updated 1/10/2019


Rose Care FUNdamentals for December 2018

I'm sure that gardeners and their roses appreciated the recent sprinkles or light drizzle or blustery rain depending on location. Temecula received an inch more rain than average for November; this rain and the accompanying cool... — Updated 12/7/2018


Caring for roses in November

After a summer of high temperatures, fires, smoke, ash and Santa Ana winds, it feels good to have some relief. The weather has moderated slightly, and along with the change comes... — Updated 11/16/2018


Rose Care FUNdamentals for October 2018

Looks like the valley is back to a period of more normal temperature for this time of year, but Santa Ana winds could show up anytime now. Gardeners should make sure to check their... — Updated 10/5/2018


Weather prompts change in pruning plans

As I look back over my previous articles I noticed that since 2013 there is what I suggest is a new normal of high temperatures for August and September. The average day to night temperatures in the first 25 days of August were hig... — Updated 9/13/2018


Let roses continue their summer dormancy

Summer is certainly upon us – and based on past experience, it’s only going to get hotter before it gets cooler. I didn’t need to tell you that at the beginning of August, did I? Since high summer temperatures and less-than-i... — Updated 8/10/2018


Rose Care FUNdamentals for July 2018 take tips from the desert

As unpredictable as the weather has been lately, one thing gardeners can plan historically is periods of intense heat in coming months. The valley had some samplings in recent... — Updated 7/5/2018


Rose Care Fundamentals: Water roses deeply as temperatures rise in June

Gardeners must become water-wise and learn as many ways as possible to use water efficiently. Some districts have restriction on how and when water can be used for irrigating... — Updated 6/1/2018


Climate change challenges rose gardeners

If you feel like your garden just doesn't seem to be responding as it has in years past, you just may have noticed the effect of climate change. As I speak with other rose... — Updated 5/9/2018


Rose Care FUNdamentals for April 2018

What a year it's been so far! In most areas gardeners had to work in a pruning schedule between weather spurts. Even with late pruning, many gardeners are or are about to have... — Updated 4/26/2018


March rose care FUNdamentals: Prepare for spring

Location. Location. Location. Depending on location – or more specifically, that of the garden – home gardeners may have experienced frost damage to their roses and tender... — Updated 3/14/2018


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