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 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza 

Trump can't support 'red flag' laws and the Constitution simultaneously

Given the mass murders due to gun violence last weekend with 22 in El Paso, Texas, nine in Dayton, Ohio, 11 in Chicago and four in Baltimore; it is easy to see why President Donald Trump would seek a national solution – it is a... — Updated 8/23/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

We could vote for socialism, Austria did

With all Democratic Party 2020 presidential candidates seemingly embracing socialism, we could vote for socialism; Austria did. In the 20th century at least a fourth of the world became socialist. Austria was the only country that... — Updated 8/16/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Why we should deport Bernie: Stats on single-payer health care in Canada

Forget Rep. Ilhan Omar. I’d like to send Sen. Bernie Sanders back to the country from which he came, Canada. No, he wasn’t from Canada originally, but he was there recently. Does that count? After all, he is so in love with tha... — Updated 8/16/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Why the LGBT community should fear socialism

Virtually all of my acquaintances in the LGBT community are Democrats, but their party leaders have left traditional democratic principles and are now strong advocates of socialism. So why not move with them? Perhaps there are... — Updated 8/14/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Put a trillion dollars in perspective

“A billion here, a billion there. Pretty soon, you’re talking about real money,” the late Sen. Everett Dirksen said. Dirksen, a Republican from Illinois was the Senate Minority Leader in the 1960s. He was as famous for his... — Updated 8/14/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Why the dependent class should fear socialism

As government controls more portions of the economy, democracy transcends to socialism. Sometime in this transition, democracy ceases to be democracy although the term continues to be used, and no one can identify that moment when... — Updated 8/8/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

World's greatest negotiator just got rolled

Don’t look now, but the world’s greatest negotiator just got rolled on a budget deal by a couple of snake oil salesman, and you will end up paying the bill. Don’t blame House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She does what she has... — Updated 8/8/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Why democracy deteriorates into socialism

Former President Barack Obama, former presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were not the first presidential candidates to introduce socialism into mainstream America. Previous presidents did so, and it has been... — Updated 7/25/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Anatomy of the immigration crisis

The nation’s southern border is an open sieve. As a result, thousands of people from Central America and countless other countries are storming into the country every day along with untold amounts of drugs and other... — Updated 7/25/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Kamala the Khameleon discards people 'like toilet paper' when need be

So who is Kamala Harris, the woman who has risen to the top of the polls after the first Democratic presidential debate, and how did she get so popular? The simple answer is that she is attractive and managed to knock the, up to th... — Updated 7/19/2019


Meth use is on the rise

As most people already know, the opiate epidemic has been worsening, each year claiming more lives than the last. What is less known by the general public is the problem with methamphetamines has been growing over the last several... — Updated 7/12/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Freedom is hard to gain; easy to lose

The nation can use a holiday, a holiday from the bickering that now characterizes its political debates in the halls of Congress or what passes as “news.” Even social media is awash in vitriol. As the nation pauses to enjoy ti... — Updated 7/12/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

House-passed Equality Bill violates the Constitution

Neither the words “equality” or “discrimination” are found in the U. S. Constitution, nor inferred, and no new amendment to the Constitution has been added moving either from a state to a federal prerogative, which is the... — Updated 7/4/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

'Red Flag' state laws violate the Constitution

A litany of state laws aimed to alter the Second Amendment have descended trespassing other amendments as well, permitting “police-led searches” of our social media, thus effectively “abridging the freedom of speech or of... — Updated 6/27/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

A pro-abortion feminist speaks truth, Will Democratic politicians dare to do the same

I must admit, when I first heard of Sophie A. Lewis, I thought she was a clever hoax invented by a conservative blogger designed to show people just how vacuous a feminist philosopher can be. Lewis has been described as a feminist... — Updated 6/20/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Barr, like Holder, gets contempt citation, but there are big differences

Attorney generals for both presidents, Eric Holder served under Barack Obama and William Barr serves under Donald Trump, received congressional contempt citations, the enforcement of either required action from Department of Justic... — Updated 6/7/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Avalanche of indictments coming, Q says

The Mueller blockade is ending. There was no Trump collusion or obstruction of justice. The real Russian collusion story is, and will, take center stage the remainder of the year. Investigative reporter Sara Carter told Fox News,... — Updated 5/24/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

China's giant sucking sound

In 1980, presidential candidate Ross Perot used the metaphor of a “giant sucking sound” to warn citizens of the dangers of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico. He correctly predicted that many U.S.... — Updated 5/24/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

The woman whose message could derail her Democratic Party

Candace Owens, a Democrat and black victim of a hate crime, was on fire when she addressed a House Judiciary Committee hearing designed to expose the hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism in the Donald Trump era. What she... — Updated 5/23/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Democrats' bluff on immigration

Democrats have an answer for their critics who question why they are spending time investigating President Donald Trump instead of addressing the urgent needs of the country: “We can walk and chew gum at the same time,” they... — Updated 5/16/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Race baiting dominates the Democratic Party

As a young man I observed that those who saw racism in everything were usually the most racist. That analysis has proven itself over time. Today the accusation is so frequently made on Democratic Party media outlets, recently by... — Updated 5/10/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

The most dangerous uncle in America

Now that Joe Biden has officially entered the 2020 presidential race, his poll numbers have continued to rise. While some have dismissed his early lead attributing it to nothing more than name recognition, this is wishful thinking... — Updated 5/10/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Before 1913 no one paid income tax. Why now?

As a nation under the U.S. Constitution we are 230 years old. It may surprise readers to learn that for the first 124 of these years the country had no federal income tax and handled its expenses quite well. Today the 55% who pay... — Updated 5/3/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Colleges accused of racketeering students

In the current College Admission Scandal, some Hollywood actors have paid bribe money to get their children admitted into some prestigious institutions for which they are not qualified to attend. But colleges have been on the defen... — Updated 5/1/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Wake up to the great congressional con games

Have you ever been the victim of a con? Let me tell you about my experience in France. My husband and I took the late night Chunnel, the undersea train that goes from London to Paris. Tired after a day of sightseeing, we were... — Updated 5/1/2019


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