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 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza 

Plot to overturn a presidential election revealed

Everyone knows that internal investigations of wrongdoing are reviewed and filtered by the bosses and subject to the tendency to protect associates. But what if the bosses are the very people accused of being accomplices? Such was... — Updated 8/16/2018 Full story

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Politicization of the Supreme Court not as easy as supposed

A confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, because he may have once opposed Roe V. Wade on abortion, is not likely to be as threatening as portrayed by our Democratic Party medias. In the first place, justices are only allowed to... — Updated 8/14/2018


Letter to the community from the Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council

Dear Community Members, Some years ago the Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council was given funds for building materials by the county of Riverside to produce a sign like the sign on state Route 371 at the south end of the town of... — Updated 8/2/2018 Full story

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Symbols of liberty and tyranny side-by-side in America

Four years ago I awoke on a Sunday morning where I was visiting family, a ray of light coming through the window. The window view showed side-by-side symbols; one of liberty, as represented by a small community of multi-colored... — Updated 7/30/2018

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Legitimate discourse is an endangered species

When bigoted Stephanie Wilkinson asked Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders to leave her restaurant, it touched off a media feeding frenzy and, predictably, caused some political crazies to leave their filthy, hate-filled nests.... — Updated 7/19/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

The 'little miracle' of the Declaration of Independence makes it all possible

The Second Continental Congress, having been convened for six months, had been engaged in the wrestle for or against independence, the vast majority of delegates being decidedly against such drastic action most of this time.... — Updated 7/18/2018

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

The ugly truth about 'Saint Maxine' Waters

Maxine Waters is still at it. She never loses an opportunity to urge her followers to keep up their harassment of members of the Trump administration. Last week, she took aim at the president again. “Already, you have members of... — Updated 7/16/2018


A letter to those that made the 2018 'National Trails Day' Celebration in Anza a success

Dear sponsors, participants and volunteers, Anza Area Trail Town would like to extend our gratitude for all of those that stepped up in so many ways to help our first event, the 2018 “National Trails Day” Celebration in Anza,... — Updated 7/11/2018

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Don't be fooled by border hysterics

A mother, who is a U.S. citizen, decides to break into a bank and is captured. Should her children sent to prison with her? Of course not. Prison is no place for a child. A mother from a Central American country decides to break... — Updated 7/4/2018

 By Julie Reeder    Anza

We need to protect our free speech rights

This week I was appalled by a law moving through our California legislature that limits free speech (AB2943). In Canada they’ve gone one step further and now have “compelled speech” laws as well as tribunals to enforce them.... — Updated 8/1/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Heartbeat Legislation, Extermination Centers and the Constitution

Put bluntly democrats vastly support extermination of their unwanted preborn, and Republican support is less likely. Two recent issues have forced a wider gulf on abortion than ever: science has shown a fetal heartbeat at six... — Updated 8/1/2018

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Is DeNiro the new Jane Fonda?

For decades, the political class, as well as other influential people, have observed the maxim “politics stops at the water’s edge.” It simply means that when a president is dealing with a matter of national importance abroad... — Updated 8/1/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Heartbeat legislation, extermination centers and the Constitution

Put bluntly, Democrats vastly support the extermination of their unwanted preborn children, and Republican support is less likely. Two recent issues have forced a wider gulf on abortion than ever: science has shown a fetal... — Updated 8/1/2018

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

The Supremes' commit dereliction of duty

In sports, a tie is said to be like kissing your sister. The Supreme Court decision in Masterpiece Bakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a case where a baker was punished for refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding, was s... — Updated 8/1/2018


Caucuses are far more representative than primaries

Voters might be confused by the difference between a caucus and a primary, each state offering one or the other to find the right contenders for the general election in November. We will treat both. In a primary, the overriding pri... — Updated 5/11/2018


Mediated Elections and Globalism

As established in previous columns, the globalist managed to place people sympathetic to their world dominion view as presidential nominees of both major political parties for most of the last one hundred years allowing them to win... — Updated 4/23/2018


The Globalists Behind the American Empire

For most of a hundred years no candidate for president obtained office without Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) approval. In time most Americans came to realize that something was working behind the scenes without their... — Updated 4/15/2018


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