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 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Socialism destroys Venezuelan economy, freshmen democrats want it here

Hugo Chavez proclaimed Dec. 6, 1998, when he was elected president of Venezuela, “Venezuela’s resurrection is under way and nothing and nobody can stop it.” At the time Venezuela had one of the best economies and highest per... — Updated 1/24/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Listen to 'the most important political address of 2018'

The United States is quickly becoming divided into the globalists and the patriots. They are at total war against each other. Since they are ideologically incomparable, only one side can win. In time, everyone will support one... — Updated 1/18/2019

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

'Shutdown' is necessary for national security

The federal government desperately needs to diet. Much of its spending is constitutionally dubious, and it is immoral to pass the national debt, now exceeding $21 trillion, to the yet-unborn children. The government needs to... — Updated 1/11/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

The fruitless effort to stamp out Christmas

Could it be me, or are candy canes more popular than ever this Christmas? I made a recent trip back east to celebrate my aunt’s 90th birthday. We stayed an extra day to attend church with her. Much to my surprise, the men at the... — Updated 12/28/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Q's big drop lands, Clinton Foundation lies are exposed

The big drop promised by Q and his QAnons for three months finally arrived, and the Clinton Foundation lies were exposed with 6,000 pages and 95 exhibits of documented wrongdoing provided by foundation lawyers themselves. Indictmen... — Updated 12/21/2018 Full story

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Lumps of coal in taxpayer stockings

Good little boys and girls must wait until Christmas morning to see what Santa brings them for Christmas. Likewise, good little taxpayers are expected to wait until Christmas to see what they get from Congress in the way of a... — Updated 12/21/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Civil war first begins with words

Civil wars first begin with words. There is now little decorum or civility from the media of both political parties which now openly call opponents liars and traitors; such hostile words were not previously used in respected media... — Updated 12/14/2018

 By Kim Harris    Anza

Long awaited election results reveal instant gratification is not always the best

It’s been a long four weeks. Twice a week since election night I have spent time checking results on the Riverside County Registrar of Voters website. I watched as the number of provisional and mail in ballots waiting to be... — Updated 12/14/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Birth tourism is not constitutional, end by executive order

Birth tourism, presently running rampart in the United States, is where foreigners intentionally coordinate their delivery dates with tourism ensuring that the birth happens while in this country. They remain the weeks necessary... — Updated 12/7/2018

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Man-woman wage gap explained, again

Why do more college-educated women continue to prefer Democratic candidates over Republican? Surely they are smart enough to understand that capitalism, which is preferred by Republicans, though not perfect, provides a higher... — Updated 12/7/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

The Mayflower Compact facilitated Pilgrim starvation

The pilgrims realized that some kind of governing document was needed for the new colony, “as human nature is prone to disunity and differences that could be disruptive of peace.” Gov. William Bradford described the... — Updated 11/30/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Actually, the 14th Amendment prohibits birthright citizenship

Most constitutional experts know that there exists no birthright citizenship in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. LibertyUnderFire and others have made this case for many years. Unfortunately, House Speaker Paul Ryan... — Updated 11/26/2018

 By Jane Chastain    Anza

Don't blame Trump – blame lily-livered House GOP

It’s a little early for an in-depth analysis of the 2018 midterms; however, there are a few takeaways that are hard to miss. President Donald Trump is a net-gain for Republicans and a force to be reckoned with for years to come.... — Updated 11/16/2018 Full story


Marijuana is a countywide issue, not just an Anza issue

The unincorporated area of Riverside County encompasses 6,700 square miles with a population living in the unincorporated area of 365,000 people. Yet, there seems to be a consensus among the marijuana growers in Anza that only the... — Updated 11/16/2018 Full story

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

How to stop billionaire election buyouts

Presently, money for elections can come from other countries, states, counties or districts other than from where the candidate will serve, allowing outside sources and those of wealth – even billionaires – to buy influence. Th... — Updated 11/15/2018


Board of Supervisors' cannabis grow limits supports black market

Editor’s note; This letter was submitted to Anza Valley Outlook by the author, after he submitted a copy to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. Dear Editor,  It does not seem fair to limit cannabis grow permits to 50... — Updated 11/15/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Billionaire Tom Steyer replaces Soros as prominent leftist funder

In a recent column “Billionaires Battle to Get Your Vote” LibertyUnderFire documented leading funders for the right side of the political spectrum in the 2016 election as the Koch brothers, Charles and David. Those on the left... — Updated 11/2/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Billionaires battle for votes

Most people do not fully understand the influence of the billionaire class on elections – many times more than Russia or China put together. Before voting in the midterms, it might be wise for people to assess what billionaire... — Updated 10/26/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Is there 'A Ray of Hope?' in the war against the globalist

The globalist establishment in all its forms, which is lodged in the media, both major political parties, the intelligence community and internet providers, now dominates most of the information from which citizens derive opinion.... — Updated 10/19/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

The two-year globalist war on President Donald Trump continues

The most vicious elections in U.S. history were that of Thomas Jefferson in 1800, Abraham Lincoln in 1860, Lyndon Johnson in 1964 and Ronald Reagan in 1980, but none of these were more contentious than that of Donald Trump in 2016... — Updated 10/12/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

'A Struggle for the Survival of our Nation'

Most of the following words are not my own, although Liberty Under Fire has published extensively documenting the same over the past decade. It is an address not covered by the establishment press. See why. “Our movement is... — Updated 10/5/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Constitution Day: What should colleges commemorate?

The federal government requires colleges to commemorate Constitution Day, Sept. 17, with some student activity to qualify for Title IV grant monies, which, if people really read the Constitution, they would find no authority for th... — Updated 9/28/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Globalism succeeds on the world stage

Those who have taught international issues for decades have something to offer those who have not. Internationalism, new world order, world order and globalism are synonyms for world government. Other terms such as... — Updated 9/21/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

The U.S. moves toward a North American Union

The key component in the globalist bid for world government has been their transcending nation states into regional governments, ending national sovereignty, then changing these regions into a world government. According to this mo... — Updated 9/14/2018

 By Harold Pease Ph D    Anza

Next move, close out all opposition media?

Conservative outlets are aflame with what appears to be internet giants Facebook, Google and Twitter’s intentional move to close out conservative viewpoints on their platforms. It is significant because the big five internet... — Updated 8/29/2018


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