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Volunteers are needed for recycling classes and events

RIVERSIDE – Interested in helping the environment by composting or recycling? Become an outreach volunteer with the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources and help the earth by helping others become better recyclers and... — Updated 3/13/2019


State modifies quarantine boundaries on Virulent Newcastle disease in Southern California

SACRAMENTO – California state veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones modified Southern California's quarantine area to further restrict bird movement as work continues to eradicate... — Updated 3/13/2019


Stacked stone walls bring a touch of Sweden to SoCal

StenErik Rolfo and his wife, Kay Gallen-Kallela, moved from Sweden to Fallbrook in 2013. While Gallen-Kallela, a horse trainer and riding instructor, brought her love of horses... — Updated 3/13/2019

 By Kim Harris    Lifestyles 

Thousands flock to Lake Elsinore for 'Super Bloom'

More than 22 inches of rain for the 2018-2019 season have once again led to what officials are calling a "Super Bloom" in the Lake Elsinore poppy fields located right off... — Updated 3/14/2019


How urban gardeners can lower their risk of contact with soil contaminants

TEMECULA – City dwellers may once have thought that gardening was a hobby for suburbanites or those living in rural areas. But urban gardening has grown in popularity as more and... — Updated 3/7/2019


Follow the child passenger protocols

TEMECULA – Parents and caregivers take various measures to safeguard their children around their homes. The same attention to safety also extends to when families leave the... — Updated 3/7/2019

 By Joe Naiman    Lifestyles

County approves sale of San Jacinto parcels to EMWD

Riverside County approved the sale of three San Jacinto parcels to the Eastern Municipal Water District. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0, Feb. 26, to authorize the conveyance of fee simple interests for the... — Updated 3/7/2019


New report reinforces lifesaving benefits of smoke alarms 

TEMECULA – A new report from the National Fire Protection Association confirmed the importance of having working smoke alarms in homes. According to the NFPA report, almost three out of five home fire deaths happened in... — Updated 3/8/2019


Rose Care FUNdamentals for March 2019

Location, location, location. Depending on location – or more specifically, that of the garden – gardeners may have experienced frost damage to their roses and tender young plants recently. The past week and the forecast for... — Updated 3/8/2019


Give your home a modern makeover

Even if a home has seen a generation or two of living, creating a contemporary new look may not require a full-scale renovation. The key to creating a more modern feel is all in... — Updated 3/8/2019


Reduce vehicle maintenance costs

TEMECULA – Major repairs to a vehicle can be expensive. When unanticipated repairs are necessary, drivers' budgets can be thrown out of whack, potentially causing a domino effect... — Updated 3/1/2019


The tech behind virtual reality

TEMECULA – Daydreaming about deep space or the depths of the ocean used to be bits of escapism that could never truly be experienced; however, thanks to the ever-evolving magic... — Updated 3/1/2019

 By Joe Naiman    Lifestyles

Murrieta Palms waste discharge permit is replaced by county agency enrollment

The waste discharge permit for what was formerly Warm Springs Mobile Home and RV Park has been replaced with enrollment of the Murrieta wastewater facility in the county’s Local Agency Management Plan. A 6-0 Regional Water... — Updated 3/1/2019


Baby-sitting for grandparents

TEMECULA – Witnessing children getting older and starting their own lives and families can be bittersweet. There is pride that comes with seeing their successes, but the melanchol... — Updated 3/1/2019

 By Jeff Pack    Lifestyles

Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley breaks ground on replacement of Jean Hayman House

Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley ceremonially broke ground Feb. 6, on a new project called the Replacement of the Historic Jean Hayman House in Lake Elsinore. The project is... — Updated 3/1/2019


Look for these 5 things when selecting a lawn service

TEMECULA – Most people want beautiful, lush lawns and well-maintained landscapes. Not every homeowner has the time or the inclination to do the work, however. Many homeowners... — Updated 2/21/2019


EVMWD receives federal funding to upgrade recycled water facilities

LAKE ELSINORE – Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District received a $2.6 million grant from the United States Bureau of Reclamation toward diversifying its water supply through increased recycled water production. The grant... — Updated 2/21/2019


Living in color

When picking a color for cabinetry, personality and lifestyle are essential considerations. Gray and white cabinets are options for the modern active living lifestyle, whereas... — Updated 2/21/2019


Consider implementing these on-trend home designs for 2019

The influence of global cultures is increasingly visible in home decor as technology expands homeowners' worldviews. Acting on the inspiration of global trends can be as simple as... — Updated 2/21/2019


Rose Care FUNdamentals for February 2019

Nature lies fallow in winter in preparation for the new year. All life needs rest in order to grow with greater strength. Winter is the time of withdrawal that precedes renewal. But now it’s time to take a few simple steps to... — Updated 2/15/2019


Put a healthy twist on your favorite foods

Whether it's a simple date night at home or a weeknight meal for the entire family, finding inter-culinary balance between everyone at the table can sometimes be difficult. When at... — Updated 2/15/2019


Complete these winter home repair hacks

Even if a homeowner is not terribly handy, there are many simple household repairs that they can easily do at home to avoid unnecessary time and expense. It is especially true in... — Updated 2/15/2019

 By Tony Ault    Lifestyles

Virulent Newcastle disease hits Riverside County chickens

Many residents in southwest Riverside County delight in raising pet chickens and have successfully won efforts to raise them in residential areas, but another battle for the poultry pet owners and commercial chicken ranchers... — Updated 2/15/2019


The 'KonMari' method of tidying up takes local homes by storm

Everyone dreams of having a perfect home, but few people know where to start in the labor-intensive process of decluttering. It's difficult to know what may be useful later and... — Updated 2/15/2019


Grow in the home backyard orchard

It's the season for putting on a thinking cap and growing wholesome and healthy fruits and veggies for the coming season for the family and the community, right at home. With the... — Updated 2/8/2019


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