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Rose Care FUNdamentals for December 2018

I'm sure that gardeners and their roses appreciated the recent sprinkles or light drizzle or blustery rain depending on location. Temecula received an inch more rain than average for November; this rain and the accompanying cool... — Updated 12/7/2018


Volunteers needed for recycling classes and events

RIVERSIDE – Interested in helping the environment, composting or recycling? Become an outreach volunteer with the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources. Outreach volunteers assist with classes or events by interacting... — Updated 12/7/2018


Do you know about seasonal hazards?

As temperatures drop and holiday activities pick up speed, insurance claims can spike. To keep the family and property as safe as possible through the winter and beyond, keep these... — Updated 12/7/2018 Full story


Teens are invited to make a 'Gift in a Jar: Holiday Cookie Mix' at Temecula library

TEMECULA – Teens can give the gift of cookies this holiday season by putting together something yummy at the teen program, Gift in a Jar: Holiday Cookie Mix, Monday, Dec. 10, from 7-8 p.m. at the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula... — Updated 12/7/2018


How to say 'no' to a child's holiday demands

The holidays can make many people feel like “children” again. It’s mostly a happy time, but it is also a season with heavy doses of marketing pressure. Usually adults are able to control the impulses brought on by all those... — Updated 12/7/2018


Holidays may bring stress

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – Seasonal affective disorder is characterized as a type of depression that is related to changes in seasons, typically tied to the start of fall and persisting into the winter months. Depressive disorders... — Updated 12/7/2018


Use these natural ways to fight fall allergies

TEMECULA – As the days become shorter and the weather cools down, a new crop of allergy symptoms can arise, turning the autumn season into one marked by sneezing, scratchy throats... — Updated 12/7/2018


A night of cold, condensation and conscience: MSJC students experience 'Homeless for a Night'

MENIFEE – Most people can't imagine what it would be like to be homeless, but students at Mt. San Jacinto College set out to find out, even if only for a night. As part of the... — Updated 12/7/2018


FDA tries yet again to regulate tobacco products

The Food and Drug Administration just announced it would once again try to regulate tobacco products. This time the target of the agency’s regulatory hand is what it believes is the growing menace of flavored e-cigarettes and... — Updated 12/7/2018


Pets of the Week

Animal Friends of the Valleys Website: Address: 33751 Mission Trail, Wildomar, CA 92595 Phone: (951) 674-0618 Hours of... — Updated 12/7/2018


Christmas trees brighten the season

TEMECULA – Decked out in tinsel, lights, ornaments and garland, Christmas trees are enduring symbols of the holiday season that boast a rich history. Evergreen trees have been... — Updated 11/29/2018


Don't dump grease, fats down sinks

PERRIS – Emptying cooking grease and other oils down kitchen sinks can be tough on household plumbing and even damage sewer lines, according to the Perris-based Eastern Municipal Water District, which urged customers to find... — Updated 11/29/2018


Idyllwild grinding facility is closed Mondays effective Dec. 1

IDYLLWILD – The Idyllwild grinding facility will be closed Mondays starting Dec. 1, through April 30. Weekday operations will continue Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed noon to 1 p.m. for lunch. The... — Updated 11/29/2018


Make fall cleanup eco-friendly

TEMECULA – Certain tasks become necessary once autumn arrives. Whereas spring and summer were spent tending gardens and maintaining a yard prime for entertaining, autumn is about preparing properties to survive the winter. Just... — Updated 11/29/2018


Lighting is a key component of curb appeal

TEMECULA – Curb appeal can affect prospective buyers' perception of a home. When addressing curb appeal, homeowners may be inclined to focus on features that are easily seen from... — Updated 11/29/2018


Pets of the Week

Living Free Animal Sanctuary For more great pets up for adoption at Living Free Animal Sanctuary call (951) 321-9982 or visit Animal Friends of the Valleys... — Updated 11/29/2018


Huskies pack into county animal shelters

RIVERSIDE – Huskies are filling up animal shelters throughout Riverside County, a trend likely attributable to a television series that features the breed, officials said, asking... — Updated 11/29/2018


Does my child have an alcohol or drug problem or is it just a phase?

TEMECULA – National statistics said 82 percent of children will have used alcohol, or some other drug, before graduating from high school. Upward of 15 percent will go on to experience a lifetime of problems related to their use... — Updated 11/29/2018


Drowsy after another restless night? Try these 5 tips for a good night's sleep

TEMECULA – Millions of Americans toss and turn much of the night, unable to fall asleep – or to stay asleep once they finally do drift off. Maybe it’s worrying about bills. Maybe it’s relationship problems. It might even be... — Updated 11/29/2018


Face it – Holidays are rarely perfect

Seasonal TV shows, sparkling gifts in stores, magazines full of beautiful holiday scenes. People are often shown the holiday season as an amazing and joyful time, but maybe personal holidays aren’t quite so perfect. And it can... — Updated 11/29/2018


New study reveals that low-calorie sweeteners disrupt the gut bacteria in healthy people in association with impaired blood sugar control

TEMECULA – New research presented at this year’s annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes revealed that consumption of low-calorie sweeteners can change the types of bacteria found in the gut, in ass... — Updated 11/29/2018


Study shows potential to develop brain tumor liquid biopsies

LONDON – Scientists are making strides in developing liquid biopsies for brain tumors by detecting tumor DNA in the fluid from around the brain and spine. Liquid biopsies are fluid samples from patients, for example from the... — Updated 11/29/2018


Singing may reduce stress, improve motor function for people with Parkinson's disease

AMES, Iowa – Singing may provide benefits beyond improving respiratory and swallow control in people with Parkinson’s disease, according to new data from Iowa State University researchers. The results from the pilot study... — Updated 11/29/2018


Photo-worthy homes are decorated for the holidays

Seasons change, and so do rental contracts and housing arrangements. If people are leasing, they can still make their rental feel like home for the holidays with seasonal decor. The... — Updated 11/29/2018


Pets of the Week

Animal Friends of the Valleys Animals Friends of the Valleys offers animals for adoptions and provides animal services to the cities of Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Wildomar,... — Updated 11/23/2018


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