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Help is on the way for first responders

Our first responders make lots of sacrifices to protect the rest of us and this can take a toll on them, as well as their families. In a 2016 behavioral health study, roughly... — Updated 8/21/2019

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion 

Ataturk shows Muslims can accept Western values

Let me explain something to the Muslim politicians who believe that their practice of Islam includes erasing American values. After Turkey was on the losing side of World War I, the position of sultan was abolished, Turkey became... — Updated 8/21/2019


Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr. Aaron Adams and City Counsel, I read with interest your article in The Valley News regarding the voter’s rejection of the proposed increases for specific city managed landscape zones. Please understand that I consider... — Updated 8/15/2019


California's renewable energy plan discussed last issue

Proponents of the proposed LEAPS project said that it will help with the need for energy storage in our communities. The opinion article, “Why California Needs Energy Storage,” from Aug. 2, stated, “ . . . ensuring that... — Updated 8/15/2019


Notice Southern California's water portfolio

This region has made tremendous strides toward diversifying its water portfolio. In Riverside County, groundwater desalination is moving forward to take full advantage of all... — Updated 8/15/2019

 By Lynn Effinger    Opinion

To Ngo her is to love her

"Passionate" is a word used by many to describe longtime Temecula resident and insurance industry entrepreneur Julie Ngo. Reflecting on her background with me recently, it became... — Updated 8/15/2019


Helping wildlife

Caring for animals, including California’s native wildlife, is one of my passions. Last session my legislation setting up the Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Fund was... — Updated 8/9/2019


Lake Elsinore's Recreation Renaissance

This month, the city of Lake Elsinore officially reopened its fully renovated campground. Formerly the state’s campground, the circa-1962 facility was a throwback to a different time, culture and attitude in the Elsinore Valley.... — Updated 8/9/2019


Toward a new realism in foreign policy

Since the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, America’s foreign policy lost the unifying theme and focus which had guided it since the end of World War II. During the post-War period, Americans enjoyed a certitude of the... — Updated 8/1/2019


Relief is on the way

People who drive Interstate 15 in southwest Riverside or northern San Diego counties are no strangers to traffic jams. In fact, with 205,000 cars daily, the section through... — Updated 8/1/2019


Why California needs energy storage

Former Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 100 into law Sept. 10, 2018. The ambitious bill commits the state to 100% carbon free electrical energy by 2045. There are key milestones along the way: 50% renewables by 2026 and 60% rene... — Updated 8/1/2019


Arts and culture in California

The California Arts Council has established 14 state-designated Cultural Districts, including three in San Diego County. These Cultural Districts are a direct result of Assembly... — Updated 7/25/2019


Californians must plan their emergency response

California is no stranger to natural and man-made emergencies. The recent quakes in Kern and San Bernardino counties are another reminder that living in the Golden State has a... — Updated 7/18/2019

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

What if independents wrote in Carolyn Goodman?

I do not belong to a political party with ballot status, so I can vote in the Presidential primaries for the Democratic or Libertarian parties but not for the Republican Party. Between now and next year’s primary election, I... — Updated 7/18/2019


LEAPS answers questions of advertisement's validity

A few residents have questioned details in recent LEAPS ads in the Valley News. It’s early in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission process, and we still await direction from the commission that will inform our communications... — Updated 7/11/2019

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

Paramount Journal front page stresses niche market

I recently came across a copy of the suburban weekly newspaper for the Los Angeles suburb of Paramount. The front page of the Paramount Journal reinforces what the rest of the industry is thinking. Those people in the newspaper... — Updated 7/11/2019


LEAPS advertisement seems 'questionable'

Dear Editor, We are concerned about the LEAPS Project advertisement. I have not seen, where your paper has acknowledged that it is a paid advertisement. In the last three weeks, much of the information has been questionable,... — Updated 7/4/2019

 By Lynn Effinger    Opinion

Ruff and Ready indeed

When John Ruff decided to stop working for other moving and storage companies in 2012 and start his own company with all of $600 in his bank account, he named his new company,... — Updated 7/4/2019


Developmentally disabled – We are listening

The Assembly Select Committee on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities works to assist all Californians with developmental disabilities through advocacy and research, and by... — Updated 7/4/2019


Science works for our growers

The spotted lantern fly, a Chinese pest first detected in Pennsylvania, is headed to California. It attacks many crops, including wine grapes and avocados. To combat this major... — Updated 6/27/2019


Immigration and the nation-state

As the crisis on America’s southern border intensifies and worsens, it is highly appropriate to revisit the issue of immigration, both legal and illegal. This is a controversial topic, and the socialist Democrat Party and its... — Updated 6/27/2019


Park models could be used to solve problem of homelessness

I’ll try to be brief, but I’ve often thought the following might be part of a solution to homelessness. Instead of building houses or apartments which cost a lot of money, why not utilize a “park model” which is what my... — Updated 6/27/2019


Saluting REINS as the 75th Assembly District Nonprofit of the Year

I joined 119 state Senators and Assemblymembers on the South Lawn of the Capitol June 5, as we participated in the fourth annual California Nonprofits Day to recognize and honor... — Updated 6/21/2019

 By Jeff Pack    Opinion

Ending DUI in our community starts with us

I wrote last week about the rash of driving under the influence-involved deaths that have taken over the hearts and minds of our community and spoke with some of the stakeholders in the issue. Before that, I wrote and posted more t... — Updated 6/21/2019



In the article, Water experts address community concerns on water and LEAPS, published in the May 10 edition of Valley News, several errors were reported by Mark R. Norton, P.E., LEED AP LESJWA Authority Administrator. According... — Updated 6/13/2019


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