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Note to the communities of Hemet and San Jacinto

With the change in coverage from (Hemet/San Jacinto) Valley Chronicle and Easy Ads, we wanted to take the time to assure Hemet and San Jacinto readers that Valley News is committed to continuing the award-winning, fair and... — Updated 6/13/2019 Full story


Help for youth addiction

Every two days a young person in California dies from an opioid overdose. More and more opioid dependent children are treated in emergency departments than ever before ... — Updated 6/13/2019 Full story


Sacramento Update

This year over 2,900 bills were introduced in the state Legislature, an excessive number in my opinion. All those bills had to pass by the “house of origin” deadline May 31. Any bills that failed to pass are held for now,... — Updated 6/7/2019 Full story

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

Secular Christmas isn't more important than National Donut Day

It’s time for my secular friends to put their money where their mouth is – literally. If Christmas isn’t about the birth of the Savior then it has no more significant than National Donut Day, which is the first Friday in... — Updated 6/7/2019 Full story


Libraries bring value to Riverside County's residents

Jeff Pack questioned in his opinion-editorial titled “Prioritizing passion projects over a societal crisis” that spending $50 million on the construction of three new libraries in Riverside County is a poor use of public... — Updated 5/30/2019 Full story


Pump storage technology is needed, but not in Lake Elsinore

California currently has a mandate to have all of its energy needs met by renewable resources by 2045, and this goal simply cannot be met with just wind and solar electric generation. The technology of pump storage must be part of... — Updated 5/30/2019 Full story


Enjoy our agricultural bounty

The northern San Diego County region plays a big part in making California the nation’s leading agricultural state. Locally grown crops that include avocados, citrus,... — Updated 5/30/2019 Full story

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

Timeshares need to reflect travel preferences

Some businesses have concluded that offering to provide information with no obligation to buy does not constitute a violation of the telemarketer do not call list, so I’ve received several recent calls from timeshare companies... — Updated 5/30/2019 Full story


Concern over Virulent Newcastle disease

I’m not sure how many people are aware of Virulent Newcastle disease. If you own chickens, you probably know because the feed stores have flyers informing the public of it. Virulent Newcastle disease spreads when healthy birds... — Updated 5/23/2019 Full story


The TVUSD board should demand accuracy, integrity, accountability

Temecula Valley Unified School District is fond of touting the school district’s top academic ranking in Riverside County as evidence of a well-run district; however, being the beneficiary of a community with the lowest... — Updated 5/23/2019 Full story


Keeping promises, spending wisely

Gov. Gavin Newsom just released his “May Revise,” which updates the preliminary budget he released in January to serve as a discussion starter leading up to the legislative... — Updated 5/23/2019 Full story


Water issue stifles economic development in Murrieta west of the I-15

My name is Gene Wunderlich; I am a 30-year resident of Murrieta, a customer of Rancho Water and a member of the Murrieta Water Infrastructure Ad-Hoc Committee. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued lead... — Updated 5/16/2019 Full story


LEAPS opposition revolves around numerous issues

To the Editor, I read your recent article, “Water experts address community concerns on water and LEAPS” published May 3, 2019, that discussed the water quality aspect of the Nevada Hydro Company project: LEAPS. The added... — Updated 5/16/2019 Full story


Small business is vital

Small business drives our local and state economies, a fact recognized by Gov. Gavin Newsom recently when he issued a proclamation declaring May 2019 Small Business Month in Califor... — Updated 5/16/2019


Anti-Semitism must be eradicated

I extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of those lost or injured in the brutal, senseless and barbaric acts of evil committed at Chabad of Poway. I stand in solidarity with my Jewish brothers and sisters... — Updated 5/10/2019 Full story

 By Jeff Pack    Opinion

Prioritizing passion projects over a societal crisis

Spend up to $50 million on new libraries or make a larger commitment to tackling a homelessness problem that has been described as a “crisis” by many working on the homeless issue in our communities? Minutes after listening to... — Updated 5/10/2019 Full story


Let's honor and help our veterans

May is National Military Appreciation Month, and includes several national observances honoring our veterans and their families. These include Victory in Europe Day May 8, Military... — Updated 5/10/2019 Full story


Animal Stewardship

Since joining the Legislature, I have written, co-written and supported numerous bills aimed at protecting pets and wildlife. Fortunately, most of this legislation is now law.  My... — Updated 5/3/2019 Full story

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

Sharing religious faith can be done without trying

Sometimes someone can share their religious faith without even trying. I left my church’s Stewardship Council on good terms in 2015. The parish mission that year was “Forming Intentional Disciples,” and the cornerstone to tha... — Updated 5/3/2019 Full story

 By Lynn Effinger    Opinion

Kim Gerrish is named Temecula Valley Citizen of the Year for good reason

Michelle's Place. It sounds like it could be a special ladies' boutique, perhaps a deliciously fancy ice cream or yogurt shop or another of the many other types of business... — Updated 4/25/2019 Full story


Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health and drug addiction are often co-occurring disorders, with a big impact. I have been working on commonsense, bipartisan solutions to these problems since my days on... — Updated 4/25/2019 Full story


Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: We were surprised when Council voted to oppose our proposed pumped hydro storage project at its April 9 meeting. We were told LEAPS was on the agenda for consideration, not for decision, and came prepared to discuss... — Updated 4/19/2019 Full story


Preventing Wildfires

Over the past few years, the Ceder, Witch, Cocos, Guejito, Paradise and Lilac fires have taught us a lot.  The need to be proactive is critical. That’s why I introduced Assembly... — Updated 4/19/2019 Full story


Democrats are the party of infanticide

Millions of Americans were sickened and appalled in recent months as the left-wing governor of New York signed legislation authorizing abortion up to the moment of birth. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fellow Democrats cheered lustily as hi... — Updated 4/19/2019 Full story


What if fake news is not the only thing fake?

This column is my 500th published column on liberty and the Constitution. I taught the Constitution and current events for 40 years at the college level, and therefore, I am qualified to pose the following question. What if fake... — Updated 4/12/2019


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