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What if fake news is not the only thing fake?

This column is my 500th published column on liberty and the Constitution. I taught the Constitution and current events for 40 years at the college level, and therefore, I am qualified to pose the following question. What if fake... — Updated 4/12/2019


Equal pay is a no-brainer

April 2 was National Equal Pay Day, which marks the extra time an average woman has to work to take home what a man earned last year. As a member of the California Pay Equity Task... — Updated 4/12/2019


Every California car and truck should be displaying real license plates

Have you noticed there are well over 1,000 vehicles just in southwest Riverside county that have no real license plate. The generic dealer plates don’t count. As one indication of how common having no plates has been, here... — Updated 4/12/2019


Congress fiddles while US burns

Jane Chastain Special to Anza Valley Outlook Legend has it that the Emperor Nero played the fiddle while the ancient city of Rome burned for six days, destroying 70 percent of the city and leaving half of its population homeless.... — Updated 4/6/2019 Full story


Modernize California

Assemblywoman Marie Waldron Special to Valley News California is the world’s tech capitol. Some of the most technologically advanced companies like Uber, Facebook and Apple were born in Silicon Valley. While our private sector ca... — Updated 4/6/2019 Full story


Owed money?

California could be holding some of your money. According to state Controller Betty Yee, California is sitting on unclaimed properties valued at $9.3 billion. But there’s great news – you can get it back. I encourage you to vis... — Updated 3/28/2019

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

Link between pot and psychosis merits better definitions

Recently essays and scientific papers have been published indicating a link between marijuana use and psychosis.  That link may or may not be accurate, but questions need to be asked to determine whether marijuana use is the true... — Updated 3/28/2019


Memorial sign for hometown hero Cory Iverson is unveiled

This week a solemn ceremony took place in Escondido unveiling the big green signs to designate a portion of Interstate 15 in Escondido, as “Cal Fire Firefighter Cory Iverson... — Updated 3/21/2019 Full story


Sen. Jeff Stone responds to the governor's death penalty announcement

SACRAMENTO – Sen. Jeff Stone, R-Riverside County, issued the following statement in response to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement March 13, that he will suspend California’s death penalty: “I’m disappointed that today’s... — Updated 3/21/2019 Full story


Melendez responds to Gov. Newsom's death penalty suspension

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, issued the following statement in response to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s unilateral suspension of California’s death penalty March 13, that goes against the direct will... — Updated 3/21/2019 Full story


Letter to the editor:

Dear Editor On March 7, a fight between two students at Great Oak High School in Temecula, California escalated into an all-out brawl involving hundreds of students. Three students required medical assistance and two campus... — Updated 3/21/2019 Full story


The 2020 billionaire election buyout is happening right now

Most people think that the 2020 presidential election is almost two years away. Not so. The first vote, the vote of the billionaires who choose candidates, is happening right now. It happens every four years, and Democrats and... — Updated 3/13/2019


Are you reclassified?

Are you a real estate agent, salon worker, trucker or lawyer? Do you work in or own a small business?  Last year’s California Supreme Court ruling involving independent... — Updated 3/13/2019

 By Jane Chastain    Opinion

Mandatory recycling is garbage

Mandatory recycling is the least effective way to take care of the nation’s trash, and it is getting more expensive by the day. One of the least reported stories this past year is that China has stopped taking our recyclables.... — Updated 3/13/2019


Save lives in California with medication-assisted treatments

California’s opioid and heroin use disorder has become a major threat to public health, especially among the young.  Drug overdose, mostly from opioids, is the leading cause of... — Updated 3/8/2019

 By Lynn Effinger    Opinion

Meet the lady with tools in her pocket

At first glance, Jessica Abrego, looks like many other attractive young ladies one encounters all over the valley. But assuming she is just another pretty face, like many... — Updated 3/8/2019

 By Joe Naiman    Opinion

Taking on the mob museum

It’s safer to take on the Mob Museum than the mob itself. I had wanted to visit the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas for years, but I didn’t have the opportunity during my previous trips to Las Vegas. When I was staying in the... — Updated 2/28/2019 Full story


Can't see a doctor?

We have some of the best medical care in the world, but accessing that care can be difficult for millions of Californians. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough doctors and... — Updated 2/28/2019 Full story

 By Bob Magee    Opinion

Watershed protection – Whose job is it?

One of the unfortunate side effects of the recent rains has been the flushing out of tributaries and waterways with trash, debris and human waste which have been allowed to accumula... — Updated 3/1/2019 Full story


Taxing water, really?

California lawmakers recognized water as a basic human right in 2012. Since then, voters have approved over $10 billion in bonds to fund statewide water projects, yet for some... — Updated 2/21/2019


What the establishment press has not said about the border

I flew to El Paso, Texas, to see for myself what was going on at the border at the height of the partial government shutdown standoff between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and President... — Updated 2/21/2019


Do Democrats now oppose the Constitution?

By now Beto O’Rourke’s unflattering comment referencing the Constitution, “Does this still work?” is old news. He was suggesting that government is now too complicated for it to deal with 21st century problems. What isn’t... — Updated 2/14/2019


January to become human trafficking awareness month in California

Last month, I introduced House Resolution 7, which is jointly authored with Assemblymember Eloise Gomez Reyes, D-San Bernardino. HR 7 declares January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month in California, part of a nationwide effort... — Updated 2/19/2019


Trump duped, globalists love his new NAFTA/TPP merged agreement

No one has been more outspoken against the globalist agenda than President Donald Trump. His “America First” platform is the very antithesis of their plans for world government. It is primarily the reason all globalists,... — Updated 2/8/2019


Developmental disabilities deserve funding

California has been transitioning from residential to community-based care for people with developmental disabilities, with the state expecting to see substantial cost savings. Whil... — Updated 2/8/2019


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