Abundance of news means more online content for readers and other tidbits


Last updated 10/27/2017 at Noon

There is so much news happening in our corner of the world that we can’t fit it all in print.

Over the past few weeks as Valley News gives even more coverage of local events, happenings and of course, breaking news, we have noticed an influx of stories on all our beats. We can’t fit it all in the paper, so this week we are posting all our stories online as they unfold. What this means for readers is more relevant news from your favorite local news source.

Readers may notice some stories in print that say, “For the full story, visit http://www.myvalleynews.com,” directing them to our website to get complete details. Likewise, those who faithfully obtain their news on our website may see a tagline on stories that says, “For the full story, see next week’s edition of Valley News, available on a newsstand near you.”

So why do we direct readers to more than one product? It’s simple really, we want to make sure our readers are getting the news they want in the timeliest manner possible. By utilizing both myvalleynews.com as well as our print edition, we can do just that, provide the news that readers care about in a convenient and prompt way, making them aware of everything happening in the communities we cover.

In this day and age where so many people are looking for compelling stories to read and news they can use, we know we have to utilize all avenues available to us, this diligence includes both print and online versions of Valley News.

It has always been the goal of Valley News to be residents’ go-to source for news and information. Sharing stories in print, or on the web, allows us to continue with our mission in a more efficient manner, while still providing readers with the content they have come to expect from our award-winning newspaper.

In addition to Valley News’ effort to push the news out to readers in a timelier manner, you may also notice a few other changes on our website. More advertising comes to mind when I talk about changes. While for some this change may be a distraction, I assure you that those advertising dollars are necessary to keep Reeder Media and Valley News growing, something I know many readers appreciate.

Speaking of growing, did you know that Valley News and Reeder Media are growing by leaps and bounds? That’s no easy feat in the world of newspapers, but it’s something that we take seriously. As the advertising and news landscape continues to change, so do we. In addition to web and print advertising, we now offer digital media marketing and a slew of other products designed to help business owners be successful in their calling. For more information on all that Reeder Media and Valley News has to offer, visit http://www.reedermedia.com. It’s all super-exciting stuff, to be sure.

On another note, Halloween is coming next week, so I just want to remind everyone to be safe when driving the streets as the little ghouls and goblins are out for their annual dash for massive stockpiles of candy. Remember, sometimes the little ones get excited and forget to look both ways when crossing the street, so please keep an eye out for them. Valley News wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable holiday and exercising caution on the roadway will help to achieve this goal.

The staff at Valley News and Reeder Media wishes you all the happiest of Halloweens, and remember, it’s only my opinion!


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