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Anza-based band produces first music video, spreads the Bible through music


Last updated 12/3/2017 at Noon

Dancers take a break with PWR Band vocalist Elijah Thompson at the filming of their music video, “Our God Is.” Courtesy photo

The Thompson Family Band has been playing together for the past eight years, specializing in up-tempo Christian rock and rap, Christian traditional and contemporary worship music. The popular and talented group has been playing gigs successfully all over Southern California.

The group recently changed its name to the PWR Band and produced their first music video.

link The local Anza band is a family affair, utilizing their skills, energy and creativity to achieve their musical goals. Rob Thompson, 57, plays bass, guitar and lead guitar, while his wife Kim, 46, sings. Their son Elijah, 18, sings and plays bass and guitar. Daughter Hannah, 15, plays piano and synthesizer and also sings, and son Levi, 13, is a percussionist and singer. The youngest members of the family, Wyatt, 11, and twins Victor and Valiant, 8, sing.

The music video showcases the youngsters. The song itself is a message for children from children, praising the Lord and sharing the good news, titled “Our God Is.”

“We thought we could reach more people with the music and the message by making the song available in a video,” Rob Thompson said. “These days children of all ages are watching their music as much as they are listening to it as well.”

Thompson and his wife produced the video; Thompson wrote the song and directed it as well.

The video features a high-energy rap with visuals of skaters, gamers, dancers and band members. The song has an energetic rhythm with tricky bass guitar work that really stands out and sets the pace for the entire tune. It is modern music with an ancient message of hope.

“We put word out in social media that we were looking for pro skaters. Almost immediately local people in our community provided Gabriel Lesher’s name. I contacted him, and as you can see he is an amazing skater,” Thompson said.

He also reached out to skater Daniel Yeager. Lesher’s scenes were shot in the Idyllwild Skate Park, while Yeager’s were filmed in Huntington Beach.

“I felt there was a kind of unexpected ‘ballet’ if you will that revealed itself between the skaters and dancers during production. There are many similarities in both of the arts in my opinion, especially when you start watching them in slow motion,” Thompson said.

linkChoreographer George Ortiz also worked on the project, handpicking the dancers, choosing the pop style thematic elements and fashion design. He also coordinated the shoot for the dance segments.

Thompson was impressed.

“It was truly an honor to have such an amazing artist and designer, not to mention dancer himself to work with,” he said.

Ortiz has collaborated and danced with artists such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin, among many others.

The rap song was written over the course of several years while performing as The Thompson Family Band. In 2016 the band recorded most of the songs for their CD.

“We started shooting the ‘Our God Is’ video in May 2017 and shot most of it over the summer. We spent about two months in post-production and released the video in November 2017,” Thompson said proudly.

The PWR Band has only just begun this journey into the music video world, with many more planned.

“We can’t thank the families enough who donated so much time and energy, our actors, dancers, skaters and of course all those praying for us during production as well,” Thompson said.

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