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Mother and 7-year-old daughter read their newly released book at Barnes and Noble


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Madelyn Fox signs a copy of her story at the Temecula Barnes and Noble, Saturday, March 3.

Madelyn Fox, a 7-year-old at Ysabel Barnett Elementary School, is often seen with a cat ear headband and her mother, Monica Fox. The pair read their newly released children's story "A Good Fox" at a book-signing event at the Temecula Barnes and Noble, Saturday, March 3.

According to Monica Fox, the audience was filled with young children about Madelyn's age and their parents. The turnout was more than she expected, and after their 11:30 a.m. reading, 17 children asked to purchase their own copy of "A Good Fox."

Madelyn Fox said that her inspiration for the story was from a unit in her kindergarten class when they read stories about gingerbread men and foxes.

"In all the stories the fox was bad, but I wanted mine to be good!" Madelyn Fox said.

Madelyn chose not only to have a kind fox as a protagonist, but also, she wanted her fox to be a strong female lead. In many ways, the Foxes wanted the little girl fox in the story to be a reflection of Madelyn, Monica Fox said.

The story focuses on themes of friendship and anti-bullying as the fox faces peer pressure. Monica Fox explained the publishing process, which started nearly a year ago.

The mother-daughter project began as Madelyn thought of the story idea and told her mom about it. Monica Fox began developing the plot and adding literary techniques to enhance the story. Together, they dreamt up a new character and a resolution for the ending. Madelyn Fox even storyboarded the book, before finding an illustrator. After finding the illustrator, they described how they wanted the pictures with a fox with long lashes and a pink bow because Madelyn Fox loved hair bows at the time.

Their recent project is currently on sale at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon, and they are excited to continue creating children's stories together, Monica Fox said. Madelyn Fox shared several other future story ideas involving "The Good Fox," and they hope to continue sharing positive messages.

"This story is more than just friendship, it also covers stereotypes and not to judge a book by its cover," Monica Fox said.

They said they hope the story will teach children how to react in bullying situations and how to choose to be kind and accepting. As the good fox uses virtue and wits to overcome peer pressure, Madelyn and Monica Fox hope to teach children to challenge stereotypes and accept being different.

Monica Fox felt that the process had taught her daughter to take action.

"I feel that I have learned from this process too. I was shy as a child, and I wouldn't know how to stand up for myself; I would just freeze," Monica Fox said.

The mother-daughter pair plan to continue working on future stories with support from Madelyn's school and community.

"If you feel in your heart that you are doing the right thing, then don't be afraid to be different," Monica Fox said.


Monica and Madelyn Fox pose in front of the book-signing event table at the Temecula Barnes and Noble for their new children's book, "A Good Fox," March 3.


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