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By Tony Ault
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Lifelong hearing-impaired woman is surprised by special gift


Last updated 8/13/2018 at 5:43pm

Hearing is one of the most precious gifts given to man and not all people are blessed with perfect hearing.

That precious gift has been corrected twice for the same Hemet customer through the help of longtime Hemet hearing instrument specialist Robert Jester BC/HIS and the generosity of Phonak hearing aids.

Late last year, Jester was fitting longtime customer Jamie Macedo for her latest hearing aids. She was dealing with 8-year-old outdated technology with few additional amenities. Hearing a television or radio was still hard. The instruments took more care and needed constant adjustment. Her church had raised a little money for her to get new hearing aids, which was a fraction of what she needed, but she went back to her friend Bob Jester.

While fitting Macedo with the hearing aids, he learned of her financial difficulties. Jester was aware of a contest offered to professionals by the Phonak hearing aid company. The offer was two top of the line Phonak Audeo B-Direct, hearing aids – which connect to any cellphone with Bluetooth® 4.2 wireless technology and most older Bluetooth phones and your TV- for the contest winner. Jester knew this would be perfect for the young wife, mother and professional.

As part of the contest for hearing professionals, Jester wrote a letter to Phonak recommending Jamie Macedo for the hearing aids, unbeknownst to her. She became a finalist and finally the winner.

Excited that he was able to help facilitate such state-of-the-art equipment for his client, Jester had Macedo come into his office for just "a routine" hearing aid adjustment last month. When she arrived with her mother and daughter, she was surprised to be greeted not only by Jester but by two Phonak Representatives, Dr. Ariz Slali and Rick Geracitano. Surprised by the attention, she read the letter Jester sent to Phonak and learned she was the winner of the contest thanks to Jester's letter. She would be fitted with the latest technology in hearing aids that day.

Not only were the Phonak B-Direct hearing aids fitted to her ears, she learned that the aids also come with Bluetooth technology, so she can listen to television and connect directly to her phone. Jaime was overcome with emotion and hugs were given to all in the office.

"Bob, you're my angel," she said.

Macedo later said that Jester had been a huge help to her family, thanks to his efforts to assist her with her hearing loss.

"He's been my saint and our family angel all of these years since I got my first pair of hearing aids," she said. "He's always treated me like family and now he's taking care of my daughter as well. I live an hour away and I still go to him and I will always stay loyal to him and his company because he always puts his client's needs first."

This isn't the first time Bob has been able to secure hearing aids for Jaime. Jester first met Jamie when she was a young girl after reading a story in the local paper about a fundraiser to help buy hearing aids for the 12-year-old. Jaime has a genetic condition, as does her mother and her daughter. In addition, her neuro-sensory hearing loss was made worse by multiple surgeries as a child and she struggled in school without the ability to hear. After reading the newspaper story, Jester called the bank to see how much was raised. There was only a few hundred dollars, so he contacted Phonak with her story and was able to secure new hearing aids for her, which was life-changing for the young girl.

Macedo, now married and age 36, hears her daughter much better, enjoys conversing with family and friends on the phone, listens to the TV and enjoys that wonderful gift of hearing, better than ever.

"I do all I can to help people," Jester said simply. His longtime hearing instrument firm has offices in Hemet at 532 E. Florida Ave.

Jester can be reached by calling (951) 929-2122 in Hemet or (951) 845-8150 in Beaumont.

His goal is to continue to help people find better hearing.

Tony Ault can be reached by email at [email protected]


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