Letter to the community from the Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council


Last updated 8/2/2018 at 4:36pm

Dear Community Members,

Some years ago the Anza Valley Municipal Advisory Council was given funds for building materials by the county of Riverside to produce a sign like the sign on state Route 371 at the south end of the town of Anza.

The sign will be placed at the north end of the community near Bradford Road. The location has been approved and a footing has been roughly dug. The funds for this sign have been held graciously by the Anza Valley Chamber of Commerce to be used for this purpose only.

The funds given are not sufficient to pay for a contractor to do the job, thus the years of delay in finishing this project. The AVMAC would like to finish this project and lay it to rest, but since there are no funds to pay for labor, it would need the generosity of some kind-hearted volunteers in the trades of concrete work and mason work to give of their time to complete this project.

So we are reaching out to the community in the hopes that we can complete this long overdue project.

If you have any interest or if you know someone who might be willing to give their time, contact Gordon Lanik at (951) 805-6800.


Sharon Evans, Edison Gomez-Krauss, Gordon Lanik, Allison Renck


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