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Discovery Isle Preschool in Temecula raises $1,450 for charity


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The youngest participants at Discovery Isle Preschool in Temecula take part in a "color crawl," crawling through paint instead of the colored powder that covered their older counterparts; however, they manage to get just as messy.

When the Discovery Isle preschoolers raced through their playground as colored powder hit them from all sides, they didn't entirely grasp the significance of their newest game. Where they saw a fun and a messy schoolyard activity, their parents and the community saw "wonderful" children supporting an important cause.

Discovery Isle Preschool in Temecula recently hosted a color run in support of Peach's Neet Feet, a nonprofit that aids children with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Around 120 children ran – or crawled, in the case of the youngest participants – laps around the playground, earning money for charity as they went.

The school's original goal was to donate five pairs of shoes, or $250. In the end they raised $1,450 through the support of their parents and the hard work of their students. These children, age four months to five years, ran numerous laps around the school playground while being bombarded with color powder. By the end, the smiling children were a rainbow of color, each vibrant stain a badge of honor from another lap completed.

"We're promoting the messiness," Casey Christianson, assistant principal of the Temecula Discovery Isle, said. She said that the kids loved having the freedom to get as messy as they wanted.

Discovery Isle first began supporting Peach's Neet Feet in 2017 with a bake sale. A teacher at the school spoke about the impact the organization had made on her and her family's lives. Christianson said that the bake sale was a successful event that set the ball rolling for this year's color run.

The shoes donated will all be hand-painted and designed specifically for each recipient. They will be sent to children age one to 18 who suffer from any of 75 diagnoses common to children.

Christianson said that her school supports Peach's Neet Feet because "they really try to help people who are dealing with circumstances outside of their control. Peach's Neet Feet goes out of their way to make them feel special, cared-for and thought-of."

Discovery Isle Preschool, Temecula also partners with Alex's Lemonade Stand, a nonprofit which aids children with cancer.

"We try to teach the kids social responsibility and to help their neighbors whenever they can," Christianson said.

Though some of the children were too young to understand precisely the meaning behind the money they had raised, Christianson said that the older children were "proud and excited" about what they had achieved.

"It was a group effort. They all did a really good job raising money together," Christianson said. The school plans to hold another color run next year.

Discovery Isle Preschool in Temecula can be contacted at To support Peach's Neet Feet, visit

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Teachers and students of Discovery Isle Preschool in Temecula both enjoy the color run, so much so that they plan to host another next July.


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