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Home improvements with high ROI


Last updated 9/7/2018 at 5:02pm


If they're looking to add true value to a home, it's important to consider which projects are likely to bring the greatest return on a homeowner's investment.

If the ultimate goal of a home improvement project is aesthetic, the greatest benefit may come from the homeowner's personal enjoyment of the new space. If they're looking to add true value to the home, however, it's important to consider which projects are likely to bring the greatest return on a homeowner's investment.


Much like hands reveal a person's true age, flooring speaks volumes about a home. Replacing and updating worn floors can instantly add value. A timeless selection like wood flooring, particularly in heavy traffic areas, is durable enough to withstand wear and complements a wide range of interior designs. If a home already has wood floors that are in reasonably good condition, whether in use or under carpet, go ahead and refinish them for a budget-friendly alternative to installing new flooring. Another option that holds or even increases the value of the investment is tile, particularly in spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas.


Re-roofing a home gives it an instant value boost, but it's a job that needs to be repeated periodically. One longer-term and on-trend alternative to traditional roofing is metal. Performance is the big selling point for metal roofs, but not only does the roof itself increase the home's value, the safety benefits and peace of mind that come with knowing strong, fire-resistant metal roofs can last forever only add to the benefits.

With a variety of styles available, homeowners can find a metal roof to match nearly any home style. For example, CertainTeed Metal Roofing offers profiles crafted to simulate Spanish barrel tile, slate and wood shake. Made from high-performance, deep-drawn steel, these roofing systems offer a lifetime-limited warranty and are engineered with a special multi-layered paint process that resists the elements while offering realistic color details and gradations. Find inspiration and explore a design gallery at


Curb appeal often counts for a lot, whether it's for their own enjoyment or for a potential future buyer. Enhancing a home's exterior can pay off handsomely when added vegetation and hardscaping improves the overall aesthetic. Keep in mind that more unconventional styles are better reserved for private spaces like the backyard; for the street view, stick to a motif with broad appeal to garner the strongest return on investment.



Re-roofing a home gives it an instant value boost.

An outdated entry point isn't just an eyesore; it can pose a security risk and even be the source of significant energy loss for the home. Replacing front doors and even garage doors can both bring a return on investment and potentially start saving the homeowner money right away on heating and cooling costs. A new, properly installed entry door is likely to fit more snugly and allow for fewer air leaks. In addition, a heavier door and frame is more likely to stand up against forced entry.


It may not be glamorous, or even anything that will be seen on a regular basis, but many experts agree that upgrading a home's insulation is a sound investment. In addition to adding value in terms of comfort and reduced energy costs, it's an attractive selling point should the homeowner choose to list their home.

If a homeowner is still uncertain about the right investments for their home, it may be wise to consult a local real estate expert who can provide insight on the features that bring the most value in their market.


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