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By Diane Sieker

Whereabouts of PCT hiker Kira Moon remains a mystery


Last updated 9/14/2018 at 1:42pm


Missing Pacific Crest Trail hiker Kira Moon is pictured at a hiking event before her disappearance.

Pacific Crest Trail hiker Kira Moon has been missing since Aug. 11 with little or no contact with friends and family. Law enforcement is investigating and thanks to social media, the 62-year-old wiry, energetic woman has hundreds of people looking for her.

Before February she was single and happily living in San Francisco. Her beloved Yorkie died and she decided to embark on a hiking journey along the Pacific Crest Trail as a form of healing from her loss. 

In March she headed out to the PCT and met up with a man calling himself Jim or Jay, with the trail nickname of "Medic."

According to the Facebook page Finding Kira Moon, "They fall in love and he's hiking down and she decided to hike back with him. She got ill several times and got very frail on the trip."

Moon was last seen at the Paradise Cafe, located in the Anza/Mountain Center area where highways 371 and 74 junction, Aug. 9. No phone contact has been made since Aug. 11.

Kira's longtime phone number has been disconnected, but a secondary number via a prepaid phone that was purchased Aug. 6 goes to a generic voicemail. It is suspected that the phone is out of prepaid minutes and has not been recharged yet.

Phone communication was made Sept. 4, but it was inconclusive, and her location and condition still remain a mystery.

"The communication that we did have was through Jim's Hawaii (808 area code) prepaid phone number and that phone has now been going directly to voicemail since that communication. While we are thrilled to know that she is alive, we are not at all satisfied that she is out of harm's way and she was very cagey and often being prompted during this call. It seemed almost as if she was reading off a script and gave us a lot of conflicting information.," according to a post on the Find Kira Moon Facebook page.

Her friends and relatives are not giving up hope and the search has expanded from social media to flyers put up all along locations near the PCT where hikers are known to frequent.

Ruth Elizabeth Miller wrote, "Several reports had her as frail and had to be carried and banged up and bruised. How much more this woman can take out there with no medical treatment?"

The man called Jim is a person of interest in the search. But without real confirmation of his true identity or the couple's location, searchers can only speculate on what is going on with Moon. Abuse is allegedly suspected by those who know her best.

According the Find Kira Moon page, Jim claimed that he and Moon have been married for five or six years. He revealed this information to people that they interacted with around mid-July. Moon's family has said this statement is untrue.

The page also revealed that in recent hotel registrations, Jim has used the name "Jay Moon," and paid in cash.

Jim has claimed Santa Cruz, Bellevue, Washington, Seattle, Washington. Fullerton, Sausalito and La Mesa, as his hometown when asked and has given out phone numbers with both 619 and 808 area codes. All these numbers have been searched and passed on to law enforcement.


Missing Pacific Crest Trail hiker Kira Moon is seen playing with a baby raccoon before her disappearance.

Kira's sister Kathleen Marchington said, "We are very worried for Kira, and we fear that this man is manipulating her and pulling her further and further away from us for whatever nefarious reasons he has. We wouldn't be this scared, if we had any idea who he really is."

The San Francisco Police Department is working with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department on this case.

"All we know is she is alive and being held and moved around by this person. We must continue this search. We are making headway each day," Ruth Elizabeth Miller said online. "We thank you for your concern."

If anyone has information about Kira Moon or Jim, contact the SFPD SVU Officer Cabuntala at (415) 553-1373.

Visit and share the information available there.

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