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Wings Wanted: Garage Brewing Co. serves up some for Super Bowl Sunday


Last updated 1/24/2019 at 10:12pm

Garage Brewing Co. photo

Garage Brewing Co. recently unveils a new lineup of chicken wings and french fries to pair with the brewpub's craft beers.

According to the National Chicken Council, fans will eat 1.35 billion wings during Super Bowl weekend.

If fans have yet to solidify their wing game plan for the big game, Garage Brewing Co. in Temecula said they can help make the MVP of fans Super Bowl LIII party with a new assortment of premium bone-in or boneless chicken wings and miscellaneous sides.

Garage Brewing Co. Founder Lou Kashmere and numerous staff members taste tested enormous amount of chicken wings to find the tastiest available to add to the menu.

Patrons can choose from four wing sauces: Red Hot Buffalo, Mango Habanero, barbecue or Sweet Teriyaki and Chili. Other menu items include tempura fried green beans and a variety of french fries, sweet potato fries and beer-battered sidewinder potatoes.

These options complement Garage Brewing Co.'s lineup of beers that have won gold awards from Great American Brew Festival, Los Angeles International Beer Competition, Sonoma County Fair and California State Fair.

Fans can take their wings pairing to another level and pair them with a growler, keg or cans of Garage's Brewing Co. beers.

Guy Bartmess, head brewer at Garage Brewing Co., explained it all.

"We call it the three Cs," Bartmess said. "So, to start, we're going to try to look for parings where two different flavors compliment each other."

He said the two other Cs are "cutting" and "contrasting."

"So, one thing is we do is pair our Mango Habanero hot sauce for the wings and that goes, of course, really, really well with our Mango Hefeweizen because it was a complimentary flavor," Bartmess said. "Another concept we utilize is, we want to use one dish to cut the characteristics of another dish. A good example of that is our Deuce Coupe Double IPA, which is a really hoppy and bitter beer to go well with just kind of the classic Frank's Buffalo Hot Sauce, you know, with a blue cheese dressing on the side because that bitterness and hoppiness will really kind of cut through the richness of the blue cheese dressing and the luxuriousness of a chicken wing, the fattiness and all that kind of stuff."

Lastly, they want to create contrasting flavors to mix it up a bit.

Garage Brewing Co. photo

Garage Brewing Co. has four new varieties of sauces for chicken wings just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

"The contrasting element would be a lot of those spicy sauces and cells that actually would go well with like just a crisp, clean lager beer," Bartmess said. "Our Classic Lager is a Helles style lager from southern Germany. Um, and we also make a Mexican lager called Rancho Lager. Those are those beers or those are crisp, kind of classic, straightforward yellow lager beers, with a slight variation between the two."

Whether a fan is hosting or attending a Super Bowl party or they just need a place to watch the big game, Garage Brewing Co. is the place to go.

The brewpub and flash-fire pizzeria is located at 29095 Old Town Front Street in Temecula. Call (951) 587-2537 or visit

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