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Randon Lane completes 2,000 mile western Riverside county bus tour


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Randon Lane of the Riverside Transit Authority completes his ride over 2,000 miles of RTA routes, Jan. 24.

Not many people can say they have had occasion to ride a bus 2,000 miles across America from coast to coast. But now, Murrieta City Councilman Randon Lane can boast about a 2,000 mile bus journey adventure, not from sea to shining sea, but right in his own backyard.

Lane completed his bus adventure Thursday, Jan. 24, doing something no one else has done, riding each of the 48 Riverside Transportation Agency bus routes that crisscross the county - even entering into San Diego, Orange and San Bernardino counties - in one-years' time.

Lane took his position as the RTA board chairman seriously and set a goal to ride every one of the RTA routes from end-to-end. Lane spent 113 hours and parts of 35 days inside dozens of buses on the routes. While riding Lane took the opportunity to meet the drivers, mingle with students, commuters and other regulars – all while getting work done on his laptop.

"This journey has given me a chance to meet some wonderful people and gain a special insight into how and where our buses operate and the evolving needs of our customers," he said.

"It's been a great experience," Lane said as he stepped off his last bus ride on RTA Route No. from the Galleria Mall in downtown Riverside to the RTA offices, Jan. 24.

"There's a lot more to public transit than people think," Lane said. "The conversations I've had with our customers and the things I've learned along the way have been priceless."

Lane is the first person to have ridden every bus route from end to end, east-west and north-south. That's 2,000 miles and no small accomplishment considering that's almost as many miles as it takes to go from the Inland Empire to Chattanooga, Tennessee, according to Bradley Weaver, RTA public information officer.

Lane, who owns his own car, still used the buses whenever he could, so he could experience firsthand the routes and the customers and relay the information to fellow board members to help make decisions about the systems future needs and learn about its weaknesses and its strengths.

Lane, in addition to being the RTA board chairman, is a member of the Murrieta City Council and former mayor, and is a representative for the Southern California Gas Co.

The Riverside Transit Agency provides public transportation for Western Riverside County, operating 39 fixed routes, eight express routes and Dial-A-Ride service. RTA's service area spans 2,500 square miles, among the largest in the nation. For bus route and schedule information contact RTA at (951) 565-5002 or go to

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Courtesy photo

Randon Lane looks out the window over Riverside County while completing his 2,000 mile journey to ride every route provided by the Riverside Transit Authority.


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