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LEAPS opposition revolves around numerous issues


Last updated 5/16/2019 at 6:43pm

To the Editor,

I read your recent article, “Water experts address community concerns on water and LEAPS” published May 3, 2019, that discussed the water quality aspect of the Nevada Hydro Company project: LEAPS.

The added water amounts "might" add a significant benefit to the lake of Lake Elsinore. If the "put it in writing" portion was implemented.

The primary issue revolves around quite a few other objections as well. Here, by bullet, I'll list the oppositions concerns as best as I know them:

1) The use of eminent domain on approximately 500 homes primarily in Lakeland Village. Lakeland Village posts a population of just over 11,000 people. On average, 4 people to a home, this is about 3,000 homes. Removing 500 of these is removing 15% (approximately) of Lakeland Village. This will add an estimated 24 people to the homeless population as well – men, women and children – homeless because of this project.

2) The 100 feet to 163 feet high voltage towers would need to be built to funnel all this generated electricity to San Diego (not the citizens of Lake Elsinore). These towers would not only degrade the amazing view of the Santa Ana Mountains that is the western border of Lake Elsinore and our surrounding communities, but also degrade the wildlife that call the Cleveland National Forest home.

3) High Voltage power lines have long been proven to cause reproductive harm to cows, bats, dogs, cats and human beings. These studies have shown this destruction since the 1970s and on into today.

With over 30 miles of 500Mw power lines running in three different directions from the LEAPS power generation site (the size of three football fields) buried under Lakeland Village (along the San Andreas fault lines) this is a tremendous footprint of life destruction.

4) Decker Canyon is the proposed site for the upper reservoir for the LEAPS Project from The Nevada Hydro Company. This canyon sits southeast of the Ortega waterfall deep inside The Cleveland National Forest. Removing the natural habitat of the animals that call it home and replacing it with a concrete "water hole." This "hole" would undoubtedly also introduce new wildlife that could greatly affect the balance of life in this pristine forest.

5) The "Pipe." This pipe – stated by TNHC as a 25-foot wide pipe through the Santa Ana Mountains, and on major and minor fault lines, would only increase the potential disasters from a disruptive earthquake.

6) Forest Fires are another major issue. The response we saw from aircraft at the "Holy Fire" last fall – saved many homes. Anyone who saw that retrofitted 747 drop miles of retardant had to be in awe – like seeing an actual dragon for the first time. 

These aircraft would not only be hindered by these 163-foot towers and powerlines but would not be able to provide any effective firefighting efforts.

The firefighters themselves would not be able to fight any fires within 300 feet of these lines and towers.

Add our history of wildfires like the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise – literally. Paradise, California, was all but wiped off the map by PG&E's powerline starting fire. This was not the first, and presumably not the last.

Please look at the information provided by the opposition groups – the factual information that we all spend our own money (not an investors) to find and produce.

Thank You,

Sandor Slijderink

Lake Elsinore, Calif.

Member - LEAPS Opposition Team


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