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By Joe Naiman
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Secular Christmas isn't more important than National Donut Day


Last updated 6/7/2019 at 1:05am

It’s time for my secular friends to put their money where their mouth is – literally.

If Christmas isn’t about the birth of the Savior then it has no more significant than National Donut Day, which is the first Friday in June. Thus if the secular version of Christmas is celebrated for four weeks before Christmas Day, the same level of celebration should apply to National Donut Day.

The religious version of Christmas is celebrated even longer than the secular version which begins the day after Thanksgiving and ends Christmas Day. Many Christian denominations begin Advent on the fourth Sunday before Christmas while some start Advent on the sixth Sunday before Christmas. The religious version lasts until the Feast of the Epiphany, which is Jan. 6.

The birth of the Savior would be irrelevant were it not for his redemption of our sins, so the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus makes Easter as important a holiday as Christmas if not a more important one. Because Sundays are not counted in the 40 days of Lent – the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter is actually 47 days – and when the period from Easter to Pentecost is added the religious celebration of Easter is longer than that of Christmas let alone the secular celebration of Christmas.

The Christian celebrations of Jesus are based on his importance. Without the importance of Jesus, there is no reason to celebrate Christmas or Easter any more extensively than Kentucky Derby Day or National Donut Day.

Therefore if the secular celebration of Christmas lasts for four weeks, so should the celebration of National Donut Day. My secular friends should be celebrating National Donut Day right now and continuing that celebration through the first Friday of June, not waiting until National Donut Day itself.

The original reason for the celebration of Christmas was to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Without the importance of Jesus, the level of celebration for Christmas shouldn’t exceed the celebration of National Donut Day.

Both the religious and the secular versions of Hanukkah last eight days, and it is not just my secular friends who can celebrate National Donut Day. The origin of the word “kike” becoming a derogatory term for a Jew is that illiterate Jews wouldn’t sign their name with an “x” because it looked too much like a cross so instead they signed their name with a circle, and “kikel” is the Yiddish word for “circle.” Although “kike” is a derogatory term, the circle itself is not, since that’s how illiterate Jews signed their name. Since a donut has a circular shape, National Donut Day can also be celebrated by Jews.

Christians can also celebrate secular holidays. Since a multi-week celebration of National Donut Day would last no longer than the celebration of Christmas or Easter, it is acceptable for Christians to celebrate National Donut Day on multiple days.

Unless the religious version is used for a weeklong celebration of Christmas, we should give equal importance to National Donut Day.


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