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By Joe Naiman

What if independents wrote in Carolyn Goodman?


Last updated 7/18/2019 at 5:08pm

I do not belong to a political party with ballot status, so I can vote in the Presidential primaries for the Democratic or Libertarian parties but not for the Republican Party. Between now and next year’s primary election, I will ponder whether to take a Libertarian ballot or a Democratic ballot, and if I choose the latter, I may demonstrate the power of independents to determine the most acceptable candidate for the November 2020 election.

I don’t remember whether the Libertarian Party didn’t allow independents to vote in the 2008 Presidential primary or whether only a single Libertarian candidate on the ballot made my vote in the Democratic primary more influential, but I had to figure out which candidate would receive my vote. A couple of them turned out not to be the Reagan Democrats I thought they were and the most moderate candidate dropped out early, so I ended up writing in Ron Paul – who would have been my choice had I been able to vote in the Republican primary.

For whatever reason, I wasn’t given the option of casting a vote in the 2012 primary. In the 2016 primary, there were multiple Libertarian candidates on the ballot. I decided I liked Gary Johnson better than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, so I took a Libertarian ballot and voted for Gary Johnson.

Having already chosen Gary Johnson over Hillary Clinton, the general election in terms of my vote was between Donald Trump and Gary Johnson rather than between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The only thing the Republican Party, as opposed to Kellyanne Conway, did right in the election was not attacking Jill Stein the way the liberals attacked Gary Johnson. Since Gary Johnson believes America should mind its own business, he doesn’t need to be as knowledgeable about foreign affairs. I’d rather have a President who thinks Wong Mau is the leader of Thailand than one who puts the interests of Europe and the Third World ahead of America.

All Siamese cats are descended from Wong Mau, as are all Burmese cats. I’ve been told that it’s acceptable to kneel during the playing of “We Are Siamese If You Please” if you’re placing the cat’s food dish on the floor.

Hillary Clinton reminds me of Lady Macbeth, but that doesn’t mean no Democratic woman could do a good job following her husband in the same political office. I like the job that Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has done. Las Vegas is a Democrat town, but the Democrats there are private-sector union workers rather than environmentalists or one-world government mentalists.

I have thus decided that if I take a Democratic ballot for next year’s Presidential primary I will be writing in Carolyn Goodman. Whether I do so depends on who is on the Libertarian ballot, but unless I decide on a Libertarian candidate, I will be an independent voting for Carolyn Goodman as a write-in candidate.

If all independents wrote in Carolyn Goodman in the Democratic primary, the Democrats would have a reasonable candidate rather than one who is too extreme to serve America’s interests. This might be the solution to bring the Democratic Party back to where it resonates with most Americans.

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