Riverside tops other UC system schools in freshman admissions


Last updated 7/27/2019 at 3:37pm

RIVERSIDE - More than 24,000 freshmen from California were admitted to UC Riverside for the fall 2019 term -- the highest number of in-state freshmen admissions anywhere in the University of California system, campus officials said.

``When you look at these numbers, an important part of UCR's story is that we admitted the most California freshmen than any other UC campus,'' said Emily Engelschall, director of undergraduate admissions. ``This demonstrates UCR's commitment to the residents of the state.''

A total of 24,059 residents were accepted by the university, while the aggregate number of freshmen ``admits,'' including those from abroad, was 27,886, Engelschall said. Additionally, 8,552 transfer students from community colleges and other academic institutions were admitted, according to UC data.

UCR freshmen admissions have increased 11 percent since the 2017-18 academic year. Using in-state freshmen numbers exclusively, the university has admitted the highest amount of students of any UC campus over the past three years, according to the data.

``Our students represent the best of what our nation has to offer in terms of academic excellence, diversity and resilience,'' UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox said. ``With guidance and mentorship from UCR's outstanding faculty and staff, our students will be prepared to tackle the world's greatest challenges and to become stewards of transformation, in their own right.''

The pool of applicants for the fall term, which begins Sept. 26, was 49,200, according to UCR. Whether all those students who received acceptance letters show up for classes remains to be seen, but according to UC officials, a high percentage are expected to follow through.

At UCR, Asian-Americans formed the largest block of new enrollees at 44 percent, followed closely by Hispanics at 35 percent. Pacific Islanders comprised the smallest group at less than a tenth of a percent.

The total number of new enrollees within the entire UC system, counting both freshmen and transfer students, was 136,930 -- a new record, according to the UC Office of the President.

``Yet another year of record-setting admissions underscores the tremendous interest in the world-class education at UC,'' UC President Janet Napolitano said earlier this week. ``The best and the brightest young minds continue to make UC their university of choice, and I am pleased to welcome all of these remarkable students this year.''


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