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Trevor McSpadden Band performs at Longshadow Ranch Winery


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Trevor McSpadden plays with a full band at Longshadow Ranch Winery at Bonfire Summer Nights, Saturday, Aug. 3.

Texas-born and raised, Trevor McSpadden has spent many years crafting his love for country music.

"Wasted days and wasted nights, I have left all that behind. You don't belong to me; your heart belongs to someone else. Why should I keep loving you?" McSpadden sang over the microphone as people danced and drank wine, listening to the steely blues resonating off McSpadden's guitar strings.

"It was the kind of music I felt most qualified to play," McSpadden said, saying that growing up in central Texas and country dancing brought him to where he is today.

"There's lots of songs that I wrote several years ago that I really feel like only now I'm singing and playing to their fullest potential," McSpadden said.

McSpadden released two albums in 2017 and is currently working on his next album.

"We're in the process of figuring out where, how, and what its going to be," McSpadden said. "The plans are a bit nebulous at this point. There is more music forthcoming for sure, financially it's a challenge, but yeah, sometimes the stars align to get into a studio. We haven't had that just yet, but I think within the year."

Longshadow Ranch Vineyard and Winery at 39847 Calle Contento in Temecula hosts Bonfire Saturday Nights from April to September, every Saturday from 6-10 p.m. Each week a new band plays, giving families the opportunity to enjoy all different types of music while having a fun night out with their children while enjoying a glass of wine.

The outdoor venue has a zipline and a mechanical bull to ride right next door to several rescue horses, two goats and an alpaca.

Phil and Charlene Washum have lived in Temecula since 2001 and have been attending Bonfire Saturday Nights since they started in April. They are both retired and said they enjoy coming to the events for the atmosphere.

"You know, its comfortable," Phil Washum said. "We bring the grandkids sometimes, and we love the bands."

Washum and his wife have traveled all over the U.S. camping, but still love the quaint, quiet nights at the smaller wineries.

"I've never met a stranger in my life," Washum said, laughing. "Everyday is Saturday, and you meet all kinds of people here."

The night started off with several of McSpadden's recent songs, "See You Tonight," "Let's Fall Together" and "April's Fool."

McSpadden and his bass player Tom Ward grooved along with Philip McArdle on electric guitar.

Children danced along to "Somebody's Gonna Cry Tonight," while the crowd clapped with McSpadden keeping in time with McArdle's and Ward's electric guitar and bass solos.

McSpadden's songs have that old-time country feel, where careful consideration and heart is poured into each line. Writing can be difficult at times, McSpadden said, but that's what he loves about it.

"We're currently working on a new song called 'The Sad Parade.' I really like it because it is a challenge, and I haven't quite figured it out yet. I write them and I sing them in my living room, but they don't really turn into songs until you play them in front of people, at least for me. Initially, you kinda know if it works or not. It takes almost a year, in my own approach of playing a song to really figure it out."

McSpadden and his fellow band members have been playing together for several years.

"Tom and Phillip would come over to my house and we would sit around on the front porch and play every Tuesday night, for a long time. And that's kind of how things developed," McSpadden said.

Longshadow Ranch Winery will host Gino and the Lone Gunmen Saturday, Aug. 10, from 6-10 p.m.

Kelsey Brown, mother of two children, came to Longshadow Ranch Winery last year during Bonfire Saturday Nights, and has attended several times again this year.

"We have family that comes out from Menifee and Riverside to meet up here. The kids dance and everyone has a good time."

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Lights flash across the stage as Trevor McSpadden and band play some catchy tunes from one of his most recent albums, "Live at Grand Ole BBQ."


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