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Last updated 8/15/2019 at 2:39pm

Dear Mr. Aaron Adams and City Counsel,

I read with interest your article in The Valley News regarding the voter’s rejection of the proposed increases for specific city managed landscape zones. Please understand that I consider the counsel members and city management as absolutely first-rate managers and exemplary people. You are generally doing an outstanding job. It is surprising that you seem a bit puzzled by this rejection. Some members even state that the “voters may be confused.” We are neither confused nor ignorant of the facts.

At the current rate in my affected area, the increases from today’s fees are as follows: Phase 1 increase, 17.8%; Phase 2 increase, 34.9%, and Phase 3 increase, 52.3%.

This increase does not include the proposed maximum assessment annual rate of $94.10. Since most taxpayers rightfully assume the worst, that increase would double rates to a whopping 105% in just three years. Calling it a fee or a special assessment makes no difference to the public. When money drains from our personal accounts to the city, state or federal government, it is a tax – plain and simple. Taxpayers are sick and tired of such oppression in California. In this rare case, the public was given an opportunity to vote and exercise our rights against taxation without representation. We spoke loudly and clearly.

As a retired business executive, I understand the challenges of budgeting; however, if any budget item is dependent upon taxpayer approval, should not the contracts for those services contain conditional clauses? If that means a new bid process every fiscal year, so be it. City contracts are eagerly sought after by contractors. Let them wear the short-term risk, not the city and its citizens. Please do not mimic our uncontrolled state government. You are better than that. Cost containment should be your top priority.

Recently, the citizens of Temecula somehow voted in a 1% sales tax increase with no sunset clause. Do not think we are naive enough to simply roll over for yet another “death by a million cuts.”


Richard Schlottman


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